Paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia-Baciu forest

Welcome to Hoia Baciu Forest – A Creepy Scenario

 Welcome to Hoia Baciu Forest – A Creepy Scenario

Thanks to the fact that Romania is full of haunted castles and we know that everyone loves a mysterious castle, Hoia – Baciu Forest is often overlooked . There is also the reason that no one really knows if this shoul d be categorized as a ” haunted place” are or as place of “UFO” activity . Still, it is universaly accepted that the UFO appearances are the most scary as they put us face to face with another living creature. Are we ready to accept this manifestation?

The forest is situated in the proximity of the city Cluj- Napoca, near the Northern border of Romania.The locals believe that the forest is cursed and has become the home of the devil. There are also discutions about an intangible goal within the forest , as a bridge to the another place, a place of mystery, unknown and of fear . Since 1960, the Forest also has the reputation as a place for UFO activity.

Once a person enters the haunted forest , he/shewill begin almost immediately to experience extreme nausea , unexplained atacs of panic or anxiety , headache, and in various of cases have been reported skin burns experiences . What I find most disturbing about these experiences is the fact that they describe the symptoms of radiation sickness . Although not fully jungle trying to detect radiation was swept away , many ghost hunters have brought their Geiger counters to detect any noticeable sign of radiation .

Deposits include specific liabilities wild animals such as the wolf, who confronted a group of travelers and paranormal enthusiasts. During their migration , they encountered a wolf , they approached without fear , but simply for a long time looked calm before walking out . Occurrences of this kind are by no means rare, even the locals will tell you that the animals are very friendly.

It was the general aspect of the forest, which caught the attention of the biologists Alexandru Sift , but I found much more than an explanation of how the trees change their shapes. Sift made ​​numerous scientific excursions into the forest, and soon became very aware of the “shadow” that watched him constantly from behind the trees. The experience of being watched is probably the most common among all experiences in Hoia – Baciu .

Moreover, if you are looking Hoia – Baciu forest on Google , you will come across hundreds, if not thousands , not by what may or may not be fairytale.Whether you decide to believe in them or not is up to you, but are you sure about the answer you are about to give?


Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Hoia Baciu Forest – A Place of Mystery – Haunted Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest – A Place of Mystery – Haunted Forest

Well known for legends based on events that can only come from the realm of mystery and unknown, the  Hoia – Baciu forest is said to be a gateway to another mysterious dimension.  Often referred to the ” Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania ”, this forest is one of the most active areas of the world in terms of paranormal activity. Many researchers have investigated this place, giving even more credibility as to speculation about the hauntings that have been reported  .

Hoia-Baciu forest covers an area of ​​about 295 hectares and it is rich with with varied vegetation – some of which is very strange – such as the twisted trees that grow here.

On the east side of the forest is the Tăietura Turcului, which is an artificial valley that divides the hill. The west side  reaches the northeastern slope of the Dealul Melcilor,. The Bongar valley is on the south side. On the northeastern side,the forest is bordered by Valea Lungă, which eventually forms Cheile Baciului, a unique valley featuring asymmetric slopes. There is also a beautiful natural lake located here that provides crystal clear water.

Locals say that those who enter the forest experience feeling very strangely people have reported feeling intense nausea and strange pains. Others report that they think that someone, or something,  is chasing them and that unseen creatures stalk them, following their every move. Evidence has shown up on cameras that have captured objects suspended in the air: unusual shapes, silhouettes, and strange human-like shadows. Some think that the forest is heavily populated by ghosts wandering endlessly through it’s dark depths. Others say that aliens are the ones who inhabit this unknown world and that they wish to take possession of all who show courage and defiance and go beyond normal boundaries of the forest threshold.

This  amazing forest fascinates and excites the imagination of those that believe that we are not alone in this world. Because there are so many witnesses that have told of their  experiences there are others also wish to experience this for themselves. Now,  the forest has become famous among paranormal and esoteric specialists worldwide, calling them to its haunting presence to try and solve its mysteries. .

 A Place of Mystery – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"

World capital of the paranormal – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

World capital of the paranormal – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

Just three kilometers away from Cluj, Romania, lies the Hoia – Baciu forest, emerging from somewhere in a broken time ,  it is a mysterious and wonderful place, where the normal and paranormal merge and the conventional and unconventional can not be distinguished from each other . Once you enter the strange forest, it captures your immediate attention because of the strange shape of the trees. In no other forestdo the trees turn so unnaturally in the way they do here. Everywhere you look, six or eight trees spring from the same root system. Instead of growing towards the sky , the trees become arched like into a silent prayer, bent to the ground by an unknown force .

Since ancient times, the inhabitants felt the strange powers of the forest and shunned it because it was beyond their power of comprehension. For a long period of time, people had not really talked about the forest , as they were afraid to mention the place they believed fell under a curse. Not until the early 1950s, when a lonely biologist named  Alexandru Sift, during his long pioneering research, lifted the veil of mystery that had fallen upon the forest. His investigations were continued in the 1970s by several research teams or by  solitary researchers from Romania .

In 1968 , international press agencies published very exception photos of a discoidal UFO that overflew the forest . Hoia – Baciu reports were printed and read by people everywhere, at research institutes in Europe and the U.S.  Today Hoia – Baciu Forest is considered a modern day living legend . The fascination with  it attracts those who want to unlock the secrets of the increase of activity experienced from year to year.

 For half a century , in an area of only a few kilometers large , there were recorded and studied furiously absolutely extraordinary events , such as materialization and dematerialization. These events being so bizarre that they stretch the limits and  logic of science. But Hoia Baciu is not the only strange place in the world. The map shows many places where ther are unexplained phenomena such as the Mojave Desert and the Gulf Breeze U.S. Arenzano La Spezia , Italy , Norway Hessdalen Valley , Belo Horizonte in Brazil or Mount Kailasa in Tibet.

Among them , Hoia – Baciu Forest is considered by all the great psychics of the world as the most important  and the most “active” point on earth . Through the strength and variety of appearances in this space Cluj forest is the “capital ” of the paranormal world .

We begin to enter into the mysteries of  Hoia – Baciu Forest by telling stories… true stories told by actual witnesses. There are stories that seem magical and not like any other , as the stories of Scheherazade . My guide is authorized forest stories Cluj Professor Adrian fourth, President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and author of two books of essays : ” The normal to the paranormal ” and ” phenomena Hoia – Baciu forest .”

When you provoke Adrian, Pătruţ stories seem endless . So … First there were UFOs . UFO after UFO appeared alone or in groups above the forest , year after year ! Some visible to the naked eye , and appeared in the shape of a sphere or pyramid or moving light or inexplicably hanging in the sky . Sometimes  nebulae appear to be floating …  a vigilant observer can see , with any luck ,  lights, colorful and strange within the magnificent trees and sprouting grasses as they are bouncing and dancing through the air.

Still other strange occurrences are invisible to the naked eye but were later seen on camera ! … With its huge variety of large invisible UFO,s , captured on photographic images Hoia – Baciu forest with its surroundings is unmatched worldwide. Over 1,000 photographs taken over 30 years, dozens of people who intentionally or just accidentally photographed the area, show invisible UFOs . Appearances  of these invisible craft surprised many when looking at photographs from the early 50′s.Alexandru Sift said that while walking through the foresthe observed nebula forms , which he wanted to record and he tried  to photograph them , Sift found that the number of structures in the photo is much more than those he had seen with his own eyes.” In March 1969,

Alexandru Sift Cluj saw a stain so intensely blue that it moved the blue sky ” – says Adrian square. ” He took a picture and noticed a sort of dark halo which is a biconcave disk-shaped UFO .

Going into Hoia – Baciu forest to see any trace of the event that I noticed I found in the ground a circular groove 4-5 meters across. Lit looked like something very difficult had happened and the grass was dry and never grew in 3 or 4 years oreven after 40 years…. and, after that it would not be clearly visible traces on the ground but  only the phenomena accompanying the haunted forest . often those that searched  were able to detect, among other things magnetic anomalies in their compasses  and strong radioactive emissions

A Journey into the past

– What are the strangest events in Hoia – Baciu that you have experienced or witnessed Mr. Adrian Pătruţ?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Prof. Univ. Adrian Pătruţ

–                     Something very special happened to me in 2000 , on the eve of Easter. I had gone in the forest with a scientist born in Cluj , who lives in Germany. Suddenly , I noticed that the tops of thousands of trees dripping something. It was a sap , liquid … It was like a spring flowing from the trees , from 10-15-20 meters and down to their roots . I was transfixed . Hoia – Baciu Forest is known for its greenery being very, very dry , so it was unusual that saw us there .  The next day when we returned , there was no sign of that abundant sap flowing from thousands of trees. the dry land had absorbed everything.

–                     There is another disturbing occurrence that we have seen , and which I have never recounted it to anyone before. It happened after 1989 , and it involved a student from Cluj . We were all on the edge of the forest , just 50 meters from the city , on the southern coast , which faces the Somes Mic and where you could see the whole town in a beautiful panoramic open sea.

–                      And then something happened to the girl … I saw her stood silent and lost like in a trance for an hour . And when she woke up, she told us something strange . Suddenly began to see Cluj old , now more than 50 years. Not only that she had seen , but just walked for an hour ( that hour of her trance ! ) In Cluj -free blocks. She had walked the streets and boulevards, she said, and spoke of depicting them before and during the war. For a while, I listened to all , some were confident she was truthful, others were skeptical , then she went to the bus  to leave. The story was stupefying . When paying , the girl found in her pocket a silver 100 lei, image King Michael . Appearing out of nowhere ! It was proof that it was really an hour before. Traveled she had, not merely recounting a strange dream that she didn’t know about anything yet.

– What your story leaves me speechless …

– Another thing happened to us  in 1975. I had been photographing ruinswhich  were right in the center of the forest. It was in January and I made a few hundred photos near those ruins with a large group of friends. After two weeks I went back to look at that spot, because I love it, and I feel good there. But the ruins were not there, no living soul could remember that they had been there, it was as if they never had been yet I know they were! … Nor has anyone seen this place after that , never ! And…. very strangely, after a few years , even their pictures are gone , the images of the ruins  simply vanished from my photos .

– I would ask now why are trees in Hoia – Baciu so twisted ? Is there any logical explanation?- In 2008 , I was in Poiana Round at a shoot with Team Pro TV . Everything went well , I filmed a portion of the forest . Three weeks later, I went back , I noticed three trees that were heavily twisted and turned . We compared their images with the movies, but they were normal trees in the film! This twisted nature was very strong – and it is important to know they were large trees- 20 feet tall – and two of them were oak trees vigorous and tough. And they were all twisted we had just been there a few weeks ago, therefore it had to be produced in a very short time.

And if you tell of other strange happenings in the forest , I remember seeing several times , winters , footprints that stopped suddenly in the snow, and then disappeared ! As if those who transgressed there would have been sucked down into the snow. … Also there is a famous photo that shows a man without a shadow ! The picture was taken on a beautiful day and the shadows of the trees nearby are clearly seen . Near the man without a shadow appears  an unusual structure , which has been called “the dragon bioplasmic ” .  We may never know if he created this oddity or if it is paranormal.

– Not far away,, a few kilometers from Cluj , things happen that we do not even imaginable .

–                     So it seems that there are many things we do not know about . Are there any unusual sounds heard in those woods? Once I heard the sounds of rescue in our immediate vicinity, although I was in the middle of the forest. Sometimes , you can hear the cuckoo clock sounds , and the sounds of exploding tires or rubber balloon sounds deflating in your presence . And all sorts of other strange, short screams can be heard . Not to mention that chirping chicken sound, which was always present on the plateau forest. Many of these sounds we hear , but do not register with our vocal cords. .

–                     Another chance to hear voices and other strangeness is when it  is recorded with a recorder. Once, I made a comment about the forest and at home, listening to the recording, I heard a low frequency. When I replayed it and was heard more slowly , more slowly , more slowly , until frozen. My regular recording of the forest was ten times slower than normal one! … Also in Hoia – Baciu forest , very often , the batteries of the cameras die and cameras to malfunction in inexplicable ways. It happened this way for us at least three times , with teams of TVR . Going into the area before you start shooting , check  all batteries, including the spare , have them fully charged, if your equipment works like ours, it may not help. Despite the trouble we had in the forest, once we got back to Cluj , they began to operate normally.

–                      When we were back in the area with the equipment, sometimes I could continue , sometimes not. battery power was partial and it was difficult . In only one case was the entire thing drained and used up all the batteries we had recharged .

–                      Bioforms are other manifestations that make this such an interesting and exotic woods. They are some appearances that resemble humans or animals. some are not visible to the naked eye , they appear in the forests grass or in the form of hovering human heads or some people see whole bodies. Often they reproduce the features of a person living or deceased , dear to the one who sees them . In a famous photo taken by Alexandru Sift appeared a grotesque head , invisible to the naked eye . In another , there is a small head, a man lost in the grass forest, tree line . It’s an almost perfect embodiment reminiscent of an ectoplasm – spiritual substance spiritualists say that emanates mediums during trance . In another photo , near Sift appears to have captured  something transparent- a man with  overly large eyes and arms too long.

– The secret of these photos, Mr. Adrian country?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Alexandru Sift

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Adrian Square ( R) and Al. Sift the pioneering era

–                     Much has been said about the photo, which is now part of the forest folklore . It’s the man who has a kind of stump instead of very white arm and a leg that has almost fallen off. And that seems to be a dematerialization . This was done in 1970 . What happened then? Alexandru Sift set out at one time in the woods and saw the edge of  a man and a woman swinging back to back . Get recognized as some appearances , some appearances , because he had seen other times there and even photographed them . Sift began to look intensely at two appearances and one suddenly disappeared . Then the camera man snapped, just as he disappeared . And it appeared that partial dematerialization .

–                     And there is something else that is extraordinarily interesting about Hoia – Baciu forest . She seems to have the ability to mold the beliefs of those who cross the threshold. A skeptic who doubts the power of the forces within the field  of the paranormal may come a dozen times in the woods and would not have any exotic experience . But one who is convinced that unusual phenomena occurring in the forest you can experience it in the first visit. Moreover, forest phenomena seem to take their own image from that found in the minds of their observers . Depending on your beliefs , hopes or your traumas . A group of Targu Mures, for instance, who was obsessed with UFOs, the picture frequently … UFOs. We, in Cluj , I was concerned about embodiment.  Sift , who read much literature esoteric symbols associated with the esoteric picture . And foreign groups , abnormalities obsessed photo caught lighting effects and distortions .

A detective story : the loss of evidence

– How you love Hoia – Baciu Forest , Mr. Adrian country?

– In 1974 there was an interesting article about Alexandru Sift flame were some first reference to unconventional phenomena are happening right near my town . For us , Cluj concerned about such events was a complete surprise , an absolute novelty . Very , very few people knew the concerns of Sift : a few of the Biological Research Institute was working on a few family members. Then I looked up  Alexandru Sift , I talked to him, he and I made ​​several expeditions together Hoia Baciu forest area and we were very close a few years . Then we broke up for reasons beyond our control .

– Often mentioned his name Ale- hexane – dru Sift . What happened to him?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

A aeroformă ( UFO ) type comet falling to the ground

– He went through some unpleasant experiences . First , got some more special visits , after which it was isolated from all other known or friends who were somewhat aware of its concerns . Then he lost the job because he was encouraged to seek emigration to a foreign country to continue investigations in the forest. And this is not ac cepted when . And lived until the end of time , from a modest pension to his wife.

– What kind of strange visits will -bit ?

– It’s hard to say. It was confirmed as a neighbor … It would be the story of black people – men in black , as they are called in the movies. They encouraged him to leave the country and have it fitted by Sift , to continue research with equipment that Romania did not have the time: next-generation cameras , including infrared .

– What happened with exceptional archive photo of Sift ?

–                     There is always a special chapter in unconventional phenomena : loss of evidence. The evidence disappears with some people. Many films, photographs of paranormal phenomena are lost for unknown reasons . Records are lost in some bizarre circumstances . Same was with Sift . Many of the materials in the archive are said to have been destroyed by him , personally, in a moment of despair. But a large part of the archive, the so-called photographic testament of Alexander Sift , remained . Then they also disappeared in strange circumstances . Warned that something would happen to the archiveSift had learned of his death , so soon after his wife’s death . What ‘s archive was locked in the house , I spoke with a close relative of his Sift , but she could not come in those days to get the archive.

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

White Aeroformă aspect decaying heart , which ejects a white substrate above the forest

Then I delayed too. And when I came , finally, to the house , the archive was not there! I had heard that some persons who entered the house , took a lot out of there and took them to a collection center that recycles paper , to gain some money. They gave them to recycle for a few bottles of beer. And when I got to that center , all of the papers and films of Sift , had just been chopped . Sadly,  I was more than a day behind these fools.

Hoia Baciu Forest Image Haunted UFO

Phenomena in The Hoia Baciu Forest: A Mystery Beyond Reason – Haunted Forest

Phenomena in The Hoia Baciu Forest: A Mystery Beyond Reason – Haunted Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest is only 20 minutes drive from the center of Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. This place really has a long and frighteningly strange story, accompanied by reports of many mysterious events over the centuries. On the contemporary scene, studies of these phenomena started in the 50′s when the biologist, A.Sift, spotted the mysterious phenomenon of light. Later, in 1968, Emil Barnea took the famous photographs of what have been described as UFOs.

One thing is certain –  through its unexplained happenings, Hoia Baciu, has held the interest of experts from all generations. In addition to UFOs and the appearance of other mysterious flying objects,  Baciu forest is also a place where strange characters may appear on the soil or on the snow. But this is not all….Walking through the woods one has a great chance of meeting strange appearances – what some say are the faces of dead people watching  the visitors who dare to enter this realm of a different dimension.  All of these kinds of interactions have unexpected effects on people’s health, reason and lucidity. It is not surprising that the “cursed” forest lying in the center of the enigmatic country of Transylvania became known as “the Romanian Bermuda Triangle.”

Around the world, there are said to be many places with the reputation of being the home and center of unusual phenomena; places that find their reason somewhere outside our limit of understanding and acceptance. This kind of place are really numerous – even though many of them are probably known only on a local level and hardly become famous throughout the country or even the world. This attitude speaks for itself and it underlines the fear and the restraint of the locals when it comes to exploring these sites. Who knows how the  occurances of this places had affected the researches into the UFO phenomenon until now.

But it’s not only about the UFO activity, as long as people can tell, this place has been thought of as a gateway to a different dimension in which one can hears ghost scream and sees strange faces of the dead in a show of horror, fear and mystery.

One of the places where all these kinds of unconventional phenomena manifest in all sort of forms is Baciu Forest Hoia lying near Cluj-Napoca, Romania in Transylvania. This region is usually associated with ghostly encounters and strange things happening by the  well-known history lovers. With the title of one of the most “frightening” forests in Romaniat according to many, Hoia Baciu actually has something really unique, something that tries to keep our interest and intrigue going strong for more than half a century. One thing is however certain – the forest has what it needs to become a Romanian version of the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

Looking at Hoia Baciu, today we see a dichotomy. Nowadays, among hikers who want to spend a few moments in nature we find people armed with cameras wanting to capture something special and supernatural. These modern day enthusiasts are doing the same things  as Emil Barnea did a few decades ago..


On the morning of August 18, 1968 the 45-year-old Emil Barnea and his friend Zamfira Mattea (age 34) went for a walk in the Hoia Baciu forest. Along with them, there were two other people, but then in the light of what had happened wished to remain anonymous. The weather was great, so the four of them decided to stay in the clearing and near the road leading to the town. They dined there, in the middle of nature, in what seemed to be at the moment, a charming and relaxing space. Little did they know what kind of mystery was about to manifest.

Finding themselves in the forest and in need of firewood, Emil Barnea decided to leave the group and explore the forest. There were no signs of anything unusual, until the silence was broken by the voice of his companion. It was about 13:23. Returning to the clearing he noticed something unusual in the sky. There was a round vehicle with metallic appearance reflecting the sun’s rays. It rose slowly over Hoia Baciu doing so in complete silence.

The man hurried to the packages and took out the camera trying to take a good shot, and because the subject was not moving too fast, he managed to take two shots. Moreover, he noted, that the object changed its brightness and then accelerated and flew up. One of the images had never been shown publicly, because it contains the supposed couple, that wanted to remain anonymous. It shows a small object vanishing into the clouds.

The appearance lasted for about two minutes , and Barnea , managed in this time to capture just two pictures of the object. Without being specially interested ” flying saucers ” he showed them to Florinowi Gheorghicie from Cluj , which dealt with the observations of UFOs. At the same time he knew from work of the ufologist after the appropriate steps were taken, provided information about the national news agency. One of the photographs Barnea appeared in several newspapers as early as 18 September.

By the time he found out more about subject,  the director of the observatory in Cluj stated that Barnea and his comrades succumbed probably to a delusion  and badly interpreted the emergence of a weather balloon as a flying saucer. People called them illiterate and drunk and accused them of faking the whole thing. However, traces of a weather balloons were never found in the area , and image analysis ruled out that Barnea could have perpetrated a forgery . But it was not the end of the interest in this issue and soon  well-known Romanian ufologist , Ion Hoban.took up the challenge himself.

Meanwhile the fame of Hoia Baciu forest continued to grow, and it soon became a meeting place for the experts of the subject. Not only domestic, but also foreign sources spoke of passing the disc gripped the image.


A pioneer of research in Hoia Baciu was Sift (1936-1993) , who walked into the woods in the 50′s in search of strange phenomena repeated demonstrations that the untrained eye would consider as natural phenomena . However, Sifts hunt had not begun with a camera, as many may think. Sift still continued his studies and in the 70′s, he gradually expanded the research team and its members – scientists not only from the country but also abroad. Those who visited Hoia Baciu pointed to a number of unusual results.

Among the phenomena that have been registered in the area one could find : flying low flying or floating objects resembling light points (usually white). These were usually accompanied by the appearance of physical phenomena (in the form of radioactivity , magnetic anomalies , microwave and infrasound emissions , etc.) , unusual traces on the ground ( in the grass or snow ) or the accompanying impact on the vegetation. Noted as well is the impact of Hoia Baciu on animals and humans (manifested by redness of the skin, burns, anxiety , headache , increased thirst , dizziness or disorientation , which means that a lot of people got lost in the woods ).

The most characteristic Hoia Baciu appearances are flying objects of different shapes and sizes, sometimes visible to the human eye, but sometimes visible only in photographs . These objects take the shape of pyramids , spheres , cones, cubes etc. . Similar objects have been repeatedly photographed and considered by some to be creatures that are quasi -UFO .

Some researchers that have taken interest in Hoia Baciu also mentioned strange and rather controversial phenomena , that manifested as guests of the forest. People report seeing ” faces ” of humanoids, or their full manifestations. However, we can argue with the Romanian researchers , it is a typical example of pareidolii – the ability of the human mind to watching a well-known shapes in a completely random arrangements of objects .

Also, an interesting aspect is the temporary emissions of gamma rays and beta rays, sometimes highly intense, and the nature of magnetic disturbances mainly in connection with the already discussed white objects. They affect not only humans , but also electronic equipment .


” The third point ” has a special meaning. It was calledthis in 1993 and it is considered to be the “center” of photographic anomalies. So far, scientists have come to several conclusions about what might be happening in Hoia Baciu and how this translates into the activity of people seeking unusual experiences there . Statistics say that in this area, any kind of anomaly that is recorded  is more often than one may assume , however, they have the nature of a more discreet than the famous observation of Emil Barnea . Furthermore, there is noted a relationship between the impact of development on the person claiming that they are in possession of the ability qualified as unusual , but this is not the rule. Moreover, they were found no occurrence of a pattern , they are irregular in nature.

But skeptics and believers can see sources of uniqueness Hoia Baciu by lookingat its past history . Director of the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania says that the roots of the legend dates back to several centuries ago, when both the forest and the adjacent pastures were owned by the Church. To discourage looters , land owners began to spread scary stories about giants living in the forest , which will greatly influence the imagination of those early inhabitants of the Transylvanian land.


As we had mentioned earlier, the group Hoia Baciu forest research began in the 1970s, when scholars wishing to unravel the uniqueness of this place focused around Adriana Patru – chemist and professor at the University of Cluj- Napoca .

Author of several books on Hoia – Baciu forest, Patru says that this is one of the few places in the world that, due to the intensity of anomalies – it is thought of as one of the best course of research on the invisible part of our reality. According to Patru , the phenomena taking place in Hoia Baciu may have a source in another dimension, parallel to our reality.

In spite of the research that has been done during the years, we still can not determine exactly what’s going on here . These raw events are either the product of the human subconscious , or independent phenomenon, which has the ability to impact on humans . One day, when I photographed a rustic ruins, despite the fact that I had a map and knew the area well , I lost my way – he admits. Another member of the group had suffered a kind of ” time travel ” . After being separated from the group she admitted that she could not remember details about the place where it is located , as amended looked like a century ago .

According to the chemist , Hoia Baciu forest is not the only of its kind on the world map . In additionthere are similar areas in Italy , France, Norway and the Americas. The most important question about the nature associated with this , what is the source of these phenomena , and whether ( as  says Patru ) all the fame Hoia Baciu solely due to the impact of unusual forces on the human brain , whether it is a real phenomenon something that is happening in reality, independent of our senses and mind – or is it all a make-believe fairytale?.

Hoia Baciu is the most haunted forest from Romania

Hoia Baciu is the most haunted forest from Romania

Hoia Baciu Forest Image Haunted UFO
Hoia Baciu Forest

Could we call this forest the ” Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” ?

Hoia – Baciu Forest became famous due to the interest of the  pioneering paranormal researcher and biologist Alexandru. He had published what many believe to be authentic pictures of a disc-shaped flying object that moved over the forest on 18 August,  1968. This sighting was just one of many that he reported, some being visible to the naked eye, while others werenot.

There is a strange place in the forest, shaped as a perfectly ” round field “ that vegetation does not grow well in. Wandering through the woods, one will most probably find more of these patches of land that sustain no life including plants and some animals. It is considered by many to be a landing pad for UFOs . This could also be a way to explain the fact that trees are growing in extremely bizarre shapes.

The place is also thought to be protected by spirits and ghosts of the people who had died in uncommonly horrible ways . Some say that the forest is an entity that is alive and has a mind of its own. The wind is whispering and it seems to carry along with it sounds of female voices, that emerge, most probably, from another dimension. Do these voices come from beyond the grave or is it the forest calling out to those who trespass upon it?

Some believe that this land is a magnet for mythical energies. In certain active zones people are known to suddenly encounter physical symptoms such as rashes headaches, anxiety , burns, disease and extreme thirst. It is said that if you enter the forest thinking evil, negative thoughts, you may never  walk out again. People that enter the forest with evil feelings in their heart or mind are not the only ones who might experience unusual activity, The legends do, however, underline the fact that these kind of people are most likely to find their punishment if they enter into these woods .

Hoia – Baciu forest is believed by many to be a gateway to another dimension. No one knows when or where it opens, but it is a certainty in their minds that it actually exists.One story speaks about a woman that walked in the woods and when she got in, she wandered around for a while.  She reported that she had this feeling that time had suddenly stopped and she disappears for a short while. The next thing she knows , the woman returns with a piece of ancient history in her pocket but she has no idea where the item came from.

There are also reports of a five-year-old girl who disappeared into the forest while out playing. Desperately, her parents and the community searched for her with no luck. Finally they gave up the search and assumed the girl was gone forever. Five years later, however, the girl emerged from the forest wearing exactly the same clothes as she wore the day she disappeared., She was never the same, they say and she had no memory of what happened to her.

But this is just a glimpse at what mysterious happenings the forest hides inside its boundaries.

Would you have the courage to walk through the Hoia – Baciu forest to see for yourself if these legends are true?

A Transilvanian forest is considered Europe’s “Bermuda Triangle” by the BBC journalists

A Transilvanian forest is considered Europe’s “Bermuda Triangle” by the BBC journalists

A Transilvanian forest is considered Europe’s “Bermuda Triangle” by the BBC journalists
A Transilvanian forest is considered Europe’s “Bermuda Triangle” by the BBC journalists

BBC journalists recently put together list of the top choices forthe world’s scariest forests-

The Hoia-Baciu forest in Cluj was described as one of the most impressive and scary destinations among all of the haunted forests that were investigated! The descriptions that were given by visitors to this spooky place seem to be taken out of a f science fiction movie complete with strange plant life, spooky fog and even aliens!

“ The Hoia-Baciu forest in Transylvania captures a great amount of attention for the wrong reason for over a century” state the BBC channel which got inspired by the American Travel+Leisure magazine when making this top.

The locals believe that this forest – which has a circular meadow in the center – is a portal (to another dimension) and that anyone that crosses it may never come back. There are those that have reportedly entered the portal and survived. But, they said they suffered from anxiety and nausea while they were in that circle.

The trees that grow here are another thing that has added to the spooky factor the forest has. The story, according to author, Mihaita Nagy, goes that they were once tall and straight, now are crooked and have nodes – and that there is no reasonable answer for why this happened to them. .

The other nominees for the most haunted forest are Aokigahara forest in Japan, Isla de las Munecas in Mexico, The Black Forest in Germany and Wychwood in England.

HoiaBaciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"! A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

Romanian Bermuda Triangle – A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

Romanian Bermuda Triangle – A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

HoiaBaciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"! A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO
Hoia Baciu Forest

Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest is being compared to the “Bermuda Triangle”, in a documentary film written by Daniel Roxin and Professor Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology.

This reportedly haunted forest initially became famous because of the trees that grew in extremely strange shapes. The main reason why some people associate the shapes and strange growing patterns of those trees is the supposed appearance of UFOs in the area.

 In the documentary, the host says that there are still many things todiscuss and secrets to expose about this subject. But a well founded documentary on the mystery of the Hoia-Baciu forest as they are presenting to you could have the power to arise questions even in the most skeptical minds. We believe that this place is truly mysterious and unique.Paranormal phenomena in Hoia- Baciu is full of complexity, novelty and occurs at a higher frequency than in other places. All these things make this area a unique space – in fact, it’s one of the most active and researched areas by specialists worldwide.

Hoia-Baciu has always amazed locals, visitors and researches with the unusual phenomena that occur there – UFO sightings,  bright geometric shapes flying, strange humanoid shapes that appear in a colored light during the day or the night, strange nebula forms, materialization and dematerialization, twisting trees in intervals of tens of seconds, mobile radioactive fields and many other things that defy logic and reason- all reported on a regular basis in the forest.

In order to bring up some fresh information and new theories about this topic, interest has been peeking as to what is really going on here. Some researchers have put the meaning of the documentary ‘Baciu Forest, a Romanian Bermuda Triangle’ to test and claim it has the same type of activity.

Here you can watch an exceptional video and photos, along with testimony from two researchers who have studied this enigmatic place for decades – prof. Dr. Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and Mr. Cristian Muresan, creator and producer of the show “Science and knowledge” (TVR Cluj).

“As you see, the mystery surrounding this phenomenon brings up troubling questions about us as humans and about the universe. It is truly a story about people and about our potential in this universe which has no limits to surround our day to day lives. A universe that we know so little … “ Daniel Roxin.


About Hoia Baciu Forest

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest ?

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest ?

What is inside the Hoia Baciu forest
What is inside the Hoia Baciu forest

In the heart of Transylvania, lies an area with timeless appearance, which is, perhaps, the most mysterious place in Romania. Much ink has flowed on the subject of Hoia-Baciu, in order to find out how many steps have we crossed through the gate between worlds, hoping a surprisingly glimpse at the paranormal. Some of them were truly  inexplicable experiences that cause chills even to the bravest men. In spite of their sustained efforts, researchers have no choice but to resign to the idea that their questions rest without a conclusion. So, the subject remains open  to the various speculations that spice up our imagination and raise the interest of the upholders of the paranormal phenomena.

Hoia-Baciu, is certainly the most famous location in Romania, where scientist and amateurs have investigated and analyzed some absolutely inexplicable phenomena. The area itself became really  famous worldwide in 1968, although local inhabitants knew of its existence since ancient times, keeping away from it as a bad place where things happen at the border of their human understanding. Everyone knew that once you adventure into the woods, one could expect anything: hearing the trees whose rustling seems to come from another world, all human subconscious begin to feel fear, strange figures suddenly come to life and appear in the path of those who are foolish enough to venture into this place. Since ancient times, the people who lived around the Hoia-Baciu forest observed without exception that once they entered the forest to cut wood, mow the grass for the animals or pick berries or mushrooms, something strange could happento absolutely any of them.

Since they made the first steps into the forest, villagers found themselves assaulted by unexplained nausea, anxiety, headaches and even skin burns. For a long period of time, Baciu forest situated at west of Cluj-Napoca, remained a taboo location. People are so afraid of entering this place that they believe if they did, they themselves  would fall under a heavy curse, or worse, Salas of Evil itself.

A real pioneering work at that time in the study of paranormal phenomena in oak forests was made by the biologist Alexandru Sift was (1936-1993).

Professor Sift  was attracted by the famous Baciu forest, intrigued by the stories and amazed by the events that he had heard from the locals. In the 1950s, he undertook numerous trips to the forest, observing every space between the trees, because he said there were a series of strange shadows accompanying him. But he was brave enough not to abandon this research, and finally managed to photograph what is called the “umbrella”. Many surprises have appeared since the photo developing frameworks could be seen, besides the “umbrella” there could be observed many other forms, lights and figures that the human eye could not see. Sift’s research continued until the threshold of the 1960s, when more and more Romanian researchers looking for information had started to be attracted by Baciu forest exploration.

UFO activity 

On 18 august 1968, Emil Barnea – a military technician , disregarding the villagers suggestions, and went in the Baciu forest to spend a weekend away from the stressful city. Along with him, there was his girlfriend at the time, Zamfir Mate and two other family friends who wished to remain anonymous. Around 13.00, while he was in search of firewood,  he suddenly found itself crying. Back at the meadow, along with his friends, Emil Barnea saw something what looked like a UFO flying at low speed above the Baciu forest, without uttering a sound. The strange flying machine suddenly began to glow, making an unbelievable air maneuver. After this strange show in the sky, the UFO sped up in a slightly oblique direction. Following it through the camera viewfinder, Emil Barnea managed to capture this movement in three frames. After developing the film, the technician in Cluj  contemplated with amazement the photos of what international experts over the years have had to classify as a UFO. It’s said to be “the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and undoubtedly some of the best images of any UFO photographed ever in the world. ”

Even today, professor Emil Barnea is in contact with Florin George and John Hoban, probably the most prestigious Romanian ufologists, who confirmed the authenticity of the photos. After the photos were analyzed and “filtered” by the authorities, the pictures were taken by Agerpres National News Agency, and made public all over the world.

The  famous photos had to reach new standards during the year 1977 when they were presented to the CS Vonkeviziczky Ozenologie International Congress of Acapulco. Photographs were published immediately in all books and magazines around the world, targeting UFO enthusiasts.

Baciu Forest continues to fascinate, especially due to reports in which eyewitnesses said that one can experience the strangest phenomena such as unexplained physical sensations, light observations of various shapes and colors, strange shadows, voices and human faces. The area soon became famous amongst paranormal and esoteric specialists worldwide, teams full of famous scientists from Germany, France, the U.S. and Hungary had been visiting Baciu forest in the middle of the communist period, and managed to catch on film near inexplicable strange things …

The paranormal Photo …

Once inside Baciu forest, you may feel very stressed as you experience the sensation that somewhere behind the trees, thousands of invisible beings closely watch you, the “invader” of  their land. This feeling is present to all those who stepped into the heart of this strange forest: Hunters, tourists, officials, researchers, children, people with psychic ability or simply curious hikers all say the same thing. Researcher Adrian Four from Cluj-Napoca has devoted much of his life studying and investigating the paranormal phenomenology of this forest and is now considered the authorized person in terms Baciu forest mysteries.

According to materials gathered by Adrian, four decades of observations, appearances are part of a wide range of paranormal activity, making it difficult to stick them in one subgenre or unknown chapter of phenomenology.

First of all, Baciu Forest became famous because of  the appearance of immaterial or material forms that appear in front of curious visitors of this place. Most are invisible to the human eye, but can be caught on cameras. Some esoterists believe that these kind of appearances are nothing but representations of spirits which inhabit parallel universes. One thing is certain: this place is going through all kinds of magnetic anomalies, fluctuations of electromagnetic field emissions infrasound.

Among the most shocking events, there is also the sudden appearance of marks on land, snow or grass directly under the eyes of viewers  with no explanation. No living being has escaped unaffected by the mysteries of the forest. The biological effects are manifested on plants and vegetation that present forms of dehydration, burns and necrosis of stems and leaves of certain areas of the forest.

People accidentally passing right through active zones (considered as crossing gates to the other plans of the universe) claim to have gotten skin burns, redness, irritation, headaches, feeling amplified by thirst, anxiety, nausea. The typical sightings, forms are taking shape in the sky, right above the forest. These strange forms suddenly appear in the sky as flying, geometric form of pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes. These strange  shapes that populate the sky were photographed and filmed hundreds of times. The most spectacular are the UFO-shaped, pre-or quasi-UFO. Baciu Forest is also famous because of the invisible boundaries between what the human eye can observe an what the camera can capture.

Nowhere on Earth has ever been identified a location with all these curious features. Occurrences that cause the greatest concern are curious humanoids. Seems like everywhere you go in the forest, there lurk almost invisible human heads. As in the case of UFOs, the vast majority were seen in the photos. Many tourists who  enjoy taking photos fall prey to terror as they start processing the pictures and have noticed they were not alone in the  forest. Dozens of strange heads sometimes appear in one photo. Also, there is this extremely macabre aspect of these pictures as some of the strange figures that appeared were identified as figures of people who had died …

Another aspect worth mentioning is related to transitional states between gamma and beta radiation, amplified magnetic distortion often associated with the appearance of white translucent humanoid figures.

Gate to other worlds

 In 1993, researcher Adrian identified a particular area which he called an “active welfare Paragraph 3″. Because it seems to be the center for paranormal phenomena which also has the maximum activity in the heart of Transylvania. Research to date has led to set the following conclusions:

Hoia-Baciu phenomena are generally discrete but continuous in time.

The forest itself, provides more data than the fans of spiritualism.

Phenomena are clearly evident and are unchallenged by even the most skeptical scientists.

There seems to be a link between the presence in the forest of people with psychic ability and appearance of mysterious phenomena.

Paranormal phenomena is fluctuating and causes fluctuations itself, even if the effects are not fully discovered.

There is also a general consensus among experts in parapsychology, as Hoia-Baciu is a “gateway” for inter-dimensional travel for the spirits. Underlining this is the fact that the recently dead , it is believed, can enter material-physical side of the planet Earth . In the esoteric sciences, followers insist that Hoia-Baciu as a portal between the earthly and astral plane, somewhat similar intermediate zone, Dante’s Purgatory, where souls await deceased for 40 days, where are they are judged by an entity that decides the fate and facts of their existence

Recorded phenomena in Baciu forest are also found in other places worldwide. Spots on Earth that contain areas with similar phenomena, including Gloful Breeze Mojave Desert and the United States-Arenzano La Spezia in Italy Hessdalen Valley in Norway, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Mount Kailasa in Tibet. However, Hoia-Baciu is considered by all the great parapsychology, the most important area of ​​parapsychological phenomena events on the planet.

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, “a Romanian Bermuda Triangle”

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, “a Romanian Bermuda Triangle”

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"
Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, “a Romanian Bermuda Triangle”

In the heart of Transylvania lies the most mysterious place in Romania. In Hoia-Baciu Forest, considered by the locals to be the most terrifying place where often, people who visit it suffer all sorts of misterious sensations. Moreover,  there can be found UFOs and appearances of strange immaterial and material structures. A documentary about paranormal phenomena occurring in Hoia-Baciu Forest near Cluj, has been posted on YouTube. The film was shot last year by the writer Daniel Roxin and prof. Dr. Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology.

Experts say that Hoia-Baciu has always amazed by the activity of unusual phenomena. They noted the appearance of UFOs, spheres, bright geometric shapes, flying nocturnal or diurnal light, colored humanoid appearance, strange nebula forms, materialization and dematerialization, twisting trees in intervals of tens of seconds, fields and many other mobile radioactive things that defy understanding.

In his blog, writer Daniel Roxin, considers the documentary film “Baciu Forest, a Romanian Bermuda Triangle” to be an exceptional video and photos, along with the testimony of two researchers who have studied this enigmatic place for decades, Professor Adrian Pătruţ President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and Cristian Mureşanu, creator and producer of the show “Science and knowledge” (TVR Cluj).

“As you see, the mystery surrounding these phenomena arise disturbing questions about ourselves and the universe, about our potential as humans and the unlimited potentialities of the universe in which we live. A Universe that we know so little about” Roxin Daniel writes on his blog.

Hoia-Baciu Forest is certainly the most famous location in Romania, where scientist have investigated and analyzed some absolutely inexplicable phenomena, writes

The area became really famous in the world only in 1968. On 18 august 1968, Emil Barnea – a military technician at the age of 45 years, ignoring  villagers warnings, entered in the Baciu forest to spend a weekend away from stress.

Along with him were his girlfriend at the time, Zamfir Mate and two other family friends who wished to remain anonymous. Around 13.00 o’clock, when he went to search for some firewood, suddenly found itself crying. Back in the meadow, along with his friends, Emil Barnea saw smething that looked like a UFO flying at low speed above the Baciu forest, without uttering a sound.

The strange flying machine suddenly began to glow, making a strange air maneuver. After that, the UFO sped up in the sky in a slightly oblique direction. Following him through the camera viewfinder, Emil Barnea managed to surprise him in three frames. After processing the film, a technician in Cluj contemplated with amazement photos of what international experts over the years have had classified this UFO phenomenology as “the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and undoubtedly some of the best images of any UFO photographed ever in the world. ”

In 1993, researcher Adrian Baciu  identified in a particular area which he called an “the social active potin III”, because it seems to be the center for paranormal phenomena observed, the maximum activity in the heart of Transylvania.

Hoia-Baciu, among the most haunted forests in the world

Hoia-Baciu, Among The “Most Haunted Forests In The World”

Hoia-Baciu, Among The “Most Haunted Forests In The World”

Hoia-Baciu, among the most haunted forests in the world
Hoia-Baciu, among the most haunted forests in the world

In the October 2012 edition, U.S. travel magazine, “Travel & Leisure” included  the Hoia-Baciu fores in a list of the most “haunted” forests in the world.

“Hoia-Baciu in Transylvania is unwanted fame for more than half a century. Residents claim that the forest around her – which has at its center a circular clearing – is a portal, and those who enter do not come back again. The people who visit the forest told that during the time they spent in the woods they had feelings of anxiety and other strange, unexplainable feelings. Although the forest here was  once filled with normal trees that were straight and tall trees – Now they are turning in ” knots “writes, Lapidary, American magazine.

With a monthly audience of nearly five million readers, “Travel & Leisure” is one of the two major U.S.  market travel magazines, Condé Nast Traveler  is the other. The selection by the editors of forests was based on the fact that these locations are  believed to be haunted by spirits or where paranormal phenomena would occur. Other locations like this are located in Japan, USA, England, Mexico and Germany. These include Wychwood Forest, Black Forest, Aokigahara etc.

Could the dreadful reputation of Baciu Forest Hoia mean a boon to local tourism? 

Traian Almăşan, manager of travel agency “City Tours” thinks so. “Certainly there is a niche for tourism of adventure / horror. Just think of the Loch Ness Monster. It seems that the famous monster was first an invention to attract tourists … Regarding Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj and for those who believe in such phenomena it is certainly something very interesting. I am convinced that if it were arranged in a park – possibly with open-air cinema where horror films could run or simply with some benches and billboards – it would become an attraction in an area less frequented part of Cluj. Also, I’m sure if anyone would get the idea to hold a “party haunted” Halloween Hoia Baciu Forest and promote it properly, it would be successful, “ says Almăşan.

However, by planning for tourism to Hoia-Baciu Forest, the reality is that on the ground it is rather bleak than frightening. To get into one of the areas is said to have paranormal activity occurs, you must follow a tortuous route that starts immediately on the left after entering the village Baciu, from Cluj. Now that you are  on this path, follow the signs to the archaeological site of Baciu. After crossing a railroad, the asphalt road runs up next to a cluster of houses located beyond a gloomy industrial area.

Those who live in this area are not surprised if a stranger asks about where the “aliens” are or how to find the haunted forest. “Walk a hundred meters away, and take a right on where asphalt again,” said Puscas, a resident of 60 years, who has three cows that graze on the portion of land located right after the last industrial site. He says that, especially in summer, many foreigners go there bound for the “haunted” forest . When asked if the phenomena is taking place, the answer is yes, they do exist, trust the man. “I’ve seen with my own eyes, all sorts of lights, white, strange. There were like lightning, “says, in all seriousness, the former veterinary technician, now retired.

Following the ribbon of asphalt that winds through the grove of houses, you go out in the woods in front of an indicator that says you havereached “Archaeological Site Baciu” – which is,  in fact, an abandoned arcaeological excavation site.

Follow paths to the forested area made popular by enthusiasts where the grass can be crossed easily by car. After it, there is a fork of the road. Going forward, you find yourself heading  straight into the depths of the forest and into the realm of fairy tales.

From here on, the trees may appear to have strange shapes, the sounds of the forest may seem unnatural, and in the meadow that opens after half an hour of walking, even the familiar glow of midday light may seem unnatural. After all, you are in one of the most frightening forests in the world, at least according to the  American travel magazine, “Travel & Leisure”.


Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created  55,000 years ago by Atlanta
Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

The popular Discovery Channel TV station, specializing in documentaries, broadcast a sensational story filmed in Baciu Forest near Cluj. The documentary attempts to provide an explanation of paranormal phenomena that have been said to happen in the area. In this forest, what they found was surprising!!

Manufacturers Discovery,  called“bewitched” a story of the Baciu Forest “Witch”, Ciresica was chosen by the leaders of Discovery Channel television station for a report that aired on October 31 – Halloween. Filming began in mid august and ended in early September, deep in the mysterious Baciu Forest, near Cluj. Here, Cherry has a place she described only as places that “are whirlpools in a stream, places used for magic rituals, that increases the power of the witch”.

In the documentary, scientists have tried to answer the question: “Are witches magical effects stronger Baciu Forest, and if so… why?”.

Ciresica was chosen as a guide by those from Discovery Channel that has no fear, it seems, to walk at midnight through the haunted forest. Locals say that  performing rituals here, givesthem greater power –  wizard rituals have been said to occur here. In addition, the rituals are known witches who come mainly from Sinziene to make charms. The place is visited as well by sorcerers, and it is said that satanic ceremonies are performed in darkness and superstition.

The first UFO in 1968

Baciu Forest has developed a unique reputation in Romania and all over the world over the years due to paranormal phenomena occurring here.

It first became famous in 1968 after a photo of a UFO by Emil Barnea was published. After that, there is publication of research undertaken here by biologist Alexandru Sift. Researcher Adrian Four Cluj then made systematic investigations in the area and even wrote a book in 1995 about “phenomena from Baciu Forest – Hoia”.

The last reported UFO was filmed over Baciu Forest in 2002 by two Cluj residents who lived on the top floor of a building on the outskirts of the neighborhood Manastur. The UFO’s were caught on film for 27 seconds  and were described as an evolution of a bright object in the sky that was shaped like a cigarette and a length of about 50 meters. The UFO rose and went across the sky until it went into a mass of clouds and disappeared.

 Burns and headaches

Adrian Four also found in the woods “structures or shapes flying at ground level, visible or invisible to the naked eye, simple and colorful night lights, flying or stationary.”  He went about installing the forest with measurement devices which revealed radioactive emissions, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic interference, microwave emission and infrared emission all in the abnormal range.

Many of the local inhabitants know about paranormal phenomena at Baciu and they do not dare to explore the depths of the forest. And that because of the appearance of the blue, some cases of burns, headaches, anxiety and vomiting. Experts have found that there are points with maximum anomalies in the soil occurring  and traces of suspect anomalies. Weird things show up in the vegetation which look as if it is affected by dehydration and they also recorded  cases of burns or necrosis.

“Guardian angels” Baciu Forest

In the forest there is a magnetic area 300 meters wide, where not much grows and it will not even grow mushrooms. The trees are twisted wood, the wood is of the strongest type and it is so hard that it can not be cut with an ax. In the torrential rains that  happen, but they do not fall off not a drop of rain harms them.

 One of the most interesting paranormal phenomena encountered in Baciu Forest is the by far the appearance in some photos of some so-called “guardian angels”. These entities  are normally invisible to the naked eye but can be captured by the camera and the shape of human figures.

Find out what is really happening

Here in Cluj-Napoca, exactly in the heart of Transylvania were the first Atlantean beings on Earth, according to legend. Here then, is the well-known center of Atlantis, which appears in the writings of Plato, being a high school initiated in the mysteries. Here they reached the first Aryan beings which had created a timeless zone, with which they could travel anywhere in the universe, but also anywhere on the planet, without the need for travel by a ship.

Who knows about Ramayana epic also knows that Dakni light beings that were energy beings, having no physical body were the first living beings here have lived with our beloved Dacians. Mythologies call them evil spirits, but they say that Fairies are evil and negative beings, but those who uttered the first time such a statement were all Masons. The said,people you remove these unique creatures so they are only around our mountains. Usually the behavior of these creatures is to get eye contact with individuals who believe they have a sensitivity to esoteric vibration felt by them which they emanate.

Anyone who is in the forest, can virtually wake up in another time, even in another area, whether that be caused themselves or it is to happen without their consent. A person initiated ezoterimul high knowledge can use this area for the means to teleport to any location desired. This energy bubblewas  created 55,000 years ago ago by Atlanta for easy travel from their planet to earth. Using only teleportation, it remains active, and most of those who have been there in the forest have witnessed incredible phenomena, Many times they believe that their experience was just a dream. But are they dreams?

Obviously not everyone who entered this space-time loop will have overall vision to see both beings that are not seen with the naked eye but also the astral universe which is accessible to us only when we leave our body.

I must say that this forest attracts strange interest, not only “crazy” people at the Pentagon, because secrets about all their technology are tied up in this. They claim to know nothing, but this is a facade, in reality they know who and for what purpose have this place the timeless wonder it is. It is just a smokescreen for the crowd to believe you do crazy things you say about this forest even though these things happen. Keeping this area accessible would most likely  not happen if artifacts in Bucegi and ceahlau it were not maintaining this area.- which can manifest astral beings in this world, sometimes taking the form of people.

The best example of astral beings materialized in the form of people, came from the 90s when the military was training in this area. The story goes that some soldiers were headed to the military base in a car. On their way they spotted an old man with a staff, the officers leaned out of the car, asked if the old man feeling well? OThe old man replied that yes, he was fine,. The men climbed into the car and when they got about a 100 meters down the road and looked back, when they turned their heads back to see him……..that old, man had vanished as if he was made of smoke. These events have been kept very secret and were under investigation.

These “mysteries” such as the subject Baciu Forest in Transylvania, not mysteries, but so are allowed to appear in reality  because those who lead us (Illuminati) know everything about them. The idea is to keep the population in ignorance and make them believe in spirits and ghosts and that they bad for them somehow create panic and people hate instead of love these astral beings.

 If you look at most people whether they are from Romania or anywhere else on the planet they are fascinated and somewhat scared to talk about ghosts or astral beings. All of this being part of a larger plan to have human society based on fear of spirits and that creates fear to face any challenge.

Further investigations in the future for Baciu Forest may begin to resolve this strange, intoxicating “mystery” that is obscured by decades of public opinion and secrecy.

Paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia-Baciu forest

Paranormal Pilgrimage To The Hoia-Baciu Haunted Forest

Paranormal Pilgrimage To The Hoia-Baciu Haunted Forest

Paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia-Baciu forest
Paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia-Baciu forest

 Those who are intrigued by the strange things that occur during the night can’t help but take notice of Romania’s most folkloric region. The very word Transylvania conjures up spooky gothic castles and blood-sucking vampires, but there’s a lesser-known local attraction to add to your favorite transylvanian spooky places list.

 The Hoia-Baciu Forest (HBF) is located just a few kilometres outside of the city of Cluj Napoca, and it is considered to be a real hot bed of unexplained supernatural activity.

 Dubbed the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”, the forest first gained international attention in 1968, when the biologist Alexandru Sift captured a photo of what was thought to be a disc-shaped UFO. Since then, UFOs, apparitions, abnormalities on photos, nocturnal lights and other unusual things have been regularly reported in the area.

 Ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, parapsychologists — and more recently, tourists — have all taken an interest in this subject. Dr. Adrian Patrut, a chemistry professor at the local university, claims that although there are many places around the world with unexplained phenomena, the “Hoia-Baciu Forest is one of the best, due to the intensity, variety and complexity of its manifestations.”

 Patrut is president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and since the early ’70s he has been studying occurrences in the forest such as unexplained areas of light and luminescent orbs hovering in the sky. He says that when you spend too much time in the HBF, you can even experience physical symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, excessive thirst, nausea, vomiting and headaches.

With that kind of build-up, I had to check out the forest for myself.

A 20-minute drive outside of the city finds us on the fringes of the forest. Patrut and I climb up a steep grassy plain to get to the tree line. Once there, we get out our ghost hunting tools: A compass, a still camera, a video camera with infra-red sensors and a Geiger counter to measure sudden rises in radiation. Then, we head out into the forest in the hopes of seeing something strange.

The scene looks like something out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Spiky branches reach out like bony fingers; the trees are gnarled and spooky. Patrut claims that these trees were normal a few years ago. Now they are warped and twisted, what he claims is, “A clear sign of an apparition.” Supernatural or not, there’s something truly creepy about prowling an abandoned forest at night. A few hours of hunting left us with a bunch of mosquito bites but, sadly, no orbs or UFO sightings.

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

Hoia Baciu Forest Image Haunted UFO

On this earth, there are many dark, disturbing, terrifying places – some would even call them  sinister. Baciu forest in Romania, Cluj County, occupies a leading position for creepiest places in the world. It is a place of living legends- stories that have been confirmed by numerous visitors through the area. Many times they have left the forest talking about ghosts that populate the area, about supernatural appearances, glowing balls or even UFOs. And thestrange unnaturally shaped trees bear witnesses to untold numbers of unexplained happenings.

Photographed UFOs and ghosts among the trees

In the middle of April, TVR Cluj put together an amazing broadcast a documentary about Baciu forests which was developed by Daniel Roxin together with Prof. Dr. Adrian Squares.

According to Roxin, the strange forest covering a hillside, just a few kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca, is of great interest. It has gained worldwide fame and recognition due to the intensity and frequency of unusual occurrences that people have reported. UFO appearances, light globes, geometric shapes flying nocturnal or diurnal light colored, strange humanoids making an appearance. Materialization and dematerialization, twisting trees in intervals of tens of seconds, moving radioactive fields and many other things that defy understanding have all been documented here.

“Some experts believe that we are dealing with a genuine Romanian “Bermuda Triangle”. The area certainly can be certified as such, especially with the exceptional video and photos, along with testimonies of researchers who have studied it for decades” – Professor Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, and Cristian Mureşanu, creator and producer of the show “Science and knowledge” (TVR Cluj).

Among the most shocking events are areas that are suddenly arising from the earth, snow or grass, even in the eyes of viewers. Appearances looming in the sky of geometric forms such as pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones and cubes have also been documented. These striking shapes have actually been photographed and filmed hundreds of times, and the authenticity of images was checked and confirmed by experts from around the world.

Those who have stepped inside the forest have often reported that shortly after they entered, they were struck with unexplained nausea, anxiety, feelings of nausea, headaches or skin irritations or burns.

Some experts in parapsychology, including Daniel Roxin, say that Hoia-Baciu Forest would be a “gateway” through which spirits enter into inter-dimensional space the physical size of the planet Earth. But others argue that there may be a portal between the earthly and astral plane here. This could be thought of as an intermediate zone where deceased souls dwell for a time of 40 days, to be judged based on the facts of their lives and then the powers that be will decide the destination of their soul.

Similar phenomena to those reported in Baciu have also beem recorded in other locations such as the Mojave Desert Breeze and Gloful U.S. Arenzano La Spezia, Italy, Norway Hessdalen Valley, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Mount Kailasa in Tibet, say experts.

How a curious kid got irradiated

The first attempts to study Baciu forest and its oddities were made by the biologist Alexandru Sift (1936-1993), who was attracted to the scary stories circulating about the place. At the time, the forest was considered by some to becursed or haunted, if not the very house of Evil. During the 50s and the 60s Sift walked through the wide forest , photographing everything that seemed out of the ordinary. This experiment resulted in about 60,000 amazing photographs that resulted in largely spectacular observations. The surprise was about to shock the entire world.

When he got the films developed, Sift observed that he had captured some shapes, lights and silhouettes imperceptible to the human eye when the photo was taken. These shapes were seen floating between trees and amongst their shadows.

Sift had an unexplained encounter in the forest, according to his own confession, during a strange incident in July 1953 when he was still a student. During an afternoon Sift claims that he took a walk in the forest, and suddenly he noticed a gray object in the shape of the letter “V” pf to his side by 2-3 meters and itwas moving down towards the ground. The strange object landed in a bush not very far from himand he was stunned. He rushed over to the bush to find out what the object was, but he jus stood there,  in a stupor: the object disappeared without a trace.

The kid took a stick and stirred the bush, and was amazed that “instrument” or whatever it was, become invisible as he plunged deeper into the bush. After a while, he noticed that his hand had become invisible all the way up above the elbow. He claims then that, a warm breeze suddenly emerged from the bush, and threw him a few steps back. Mysteriously, his arm stared to regain it’s normal color and was no longer invisible. But, once at home, he reports that he began to have headaches, dizziness and chills. The day after, he had a high fever and could not get out of bed. Luckily, his symptoms gradually disappeared within a few weeks.

It was only after years of study and experience, that the biologist learned that he had passed through a strange episode of “actinic disease”, triggered by radioactive irradiation. Unfortunately, after the death of Alexander Sift, most of its archive, acquired by decades of painstaking work, was lost. The mission to study this phenomena was then granted to a man named Professor Adrian Baciu in the mid-’70s. Baciu, managed to collect about 15,000  extremely interesting photos of strange phenomena. These pictures were added to thousands of snapshots, taken by many other people who have passed through the area accidentally.

Full-fledged paranormal phenomena

Those who have the curiosity and bravery it takes to enter Baciu Forest feel a thrill from the first step they take into the woods. An unnatural silence  passes and one does not hear a rustle, nor a trill of birds or the scurry of small animals on the forest floor… you hear nothing.

Trees in this haunted forest also have some twisted , stretched, bent shapes, and sometimes their trunks have been found intertwined in a way never seen before. From behind these unusual trees, people that have who entered the forest confessed that they had the feeling of being watched by numerous invisible eyes. And it’s not just an opinion of a few people. There have been hundreds of photographs taken by amateurs and professional photographers that show misty silhouettes and faces or “bioplasmatic structures” hiding inthe bush.

According to Adrian Patrice, who wrote a book in 1995 about “phenomena from Baciu Forest,Hoia appearances are rampant, and  not only human-looking apparitions are seen, but a variety of experiences form part of a wide range of paranormal events, which also include magnetic anomalies, field fluctuations, anomalous infrared emissions. Vegetation itself wears the “stigmata”- burns and necrosis of stems and leaves noted in sites such as crop circles, lending more credence to the thought that alien ships may land here.

In 1993, Adrian Baciu identified a particular area in the forest , which he called Point 3. This specific area seems to be the center of activity for paranormal phenomena. There are still and quiet periods in which nothing unusual happens. Fluctuations are seen that have a logical explanation, as otherwise no events themselves have.

Another story taking place in this area comes from the military technician’s adventures. Emil Barnea told the tale of the fateful day that he visited the woods, on the 18th of august 1968. At that time, Barnea was in the woods with his girlfriend, Zamfir Mate, and two family friends. He went in search of firewood, when Emil suddenly found himself crying. Back in the clearing, at 13.23, he observed something which looked like a UFO flying slowly into the woods. The round shaped flying object had a silver metallic appearance that reflected sunlight began to shine suddenly, and then accelerated in a slightly oblique direction. After this “show”, it disappeared. Emil Barnea still managed to take three pictures, considered today by international experts to be the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and, perhaps worldwide. The photographs, were widely published,  including Communist press of the time. In 1977, they were presented by Professor CS Vonkeviziczky Ozenologie the International Congress in Acapulco, so that they could be published later in publications worldwide.

Flying Saucer filmed in 2002

The last time a UFO was reportedly filmed over Baciu forest was in 2002 by two Cluj citizens, from the top floor of a building on the edge of Manastur district. They had caught on film for 27 seconds, the flight of a bright object shaped like a cigar that moved for a distance of about 50 meters. The UFO in the sky moved up and down until it went into a mass of clouds and disappeared.

According, Hoia-Baciu forest became the object of dispute opened by President of heritage Cluj, Alin Tise against Cluj Hall for small parties and beer on May 1. Experts believe that the place could be a very attractive tourist attraction due to the strange phenomena that occurs here. It would therefore be advantageous to have the involvement of local authorities in transforming the forest into a park type UFO Tour,  an attraction point for a lot of fans and curiousity seekers. This could be a paranormal investigators dream vacation spot, especially since,  in the neighborhood, and all around the county, were also reported unusual occurrences in Faget Forest, the Botanical Garden and near Central Cemetery in Cluj.

About Hoia Baciu Forest

About Hoia Baciu Forest

About Hoia Baciu Forest

About Hoia Baciu Forest
About Hoia Baciu Forest

Baciu Forest is one of the most popular locations in Cluj county region and even across the country, the subject of wide controversy regarding the existence of supernatural phenomena in this area.

Description Baciu Forest

This forest is only an hour’s walk from the city of Cluj Napoca, being geographically located in the northern part of Hoia, forming together an ensemble known not only in Romania but also abroad, under the common name of Hoia – Baciu. Drive north from Hoia located in the immediate vicinity of Cluj, in its western part, meets a famous natural landmark: “Cheile Baciului”. Located at the boundary between the two forests famous pear-shaped Along these key covers a length of 500 meters. Similar to other great keys and known as “Cheile Turenilor” or “Cheile Baciului” is a phenomenon which presents a real tourist. Tourist can find here  a lodge and restaurant for tourists, they can reach this location on DN1F national road, which starts from Cluj Napoca, heading for the town Baciu. Another route that can be followed is the”Taietura Turcului”, Grigorescu neighborhood pathway of Cluj.

Those who visit Baciu Forest can also visit other places in its surroundings. As I said, “Cheile Baciului” is a landmark, and besides this there is also the National Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia, the first such park in our country and the Ethnographic Museum, one of the famous monuments raised immediately in the next period of the Great Union in 1918.

But what arouses most interest among visitors is inside Baciu Forest, considered an unusual space, which holds various paranormal phenomena. Although this is apparently a common forest, tells stories and local legends all sorts of oddities that have occurred here over time. The first to do research on this area biologist Alexandru Sift was around the 1970s. He himself tells how he saw a gray object with a V shape that came down to the ground, being in space at a distance of 2 – meters of land. How true are these said nobody knows, but the fact is that there are certain places inside forest Cluj researchers consider them active areas. One of them is located in the center of the forest, and is represented by a circular glade glade known as the Rotunda, which is thought to be a kind of magic portal, you who pass it, it will never come back . In addition, what impresses as it differs from one forest are typical trees developed after various strange shapes, whose growth was supposedly dictated by an unknown force field.

In October of 2012, Hoia Baciu Forest was included by a U.S. travel magazine in the top of the most haunted places in the world and that this Romanian tourist attraction became known abroad is not only an incentive for Romans to convince all that is true and what is story regarding Hoia Baciu Forest.