Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

On this earth, there are many dark, disturbing, terrifying places – some would even call them  sinister. Baciu forest in Romania, Cluj County, occupies a leading position for creepiest places in the world. It is a place of living legends- stories that have been confirmed by numerous visitors through the area. Many times they have left the forest talking about ghosts that populate the area, about supernatural appearances, glowing balls or even UFOs. And thestrange unnaturally shaped trees bear witnesses to untold numbers of unexplained happenings.

Photographed UFOs and ghosts among the trees 

In the middle of April, TVR Cluj put together an amazing broadcast a documentary about Baciu forests which was developed by Daniel Roxin together with Prof. Dr. Adrian Squares.

According to Roxin, the strange forest covering a hillside, just a few kilometers from the city of Cluj-Napoca, is of great interest. It has gained worldwide fame and recognition due to the intensity and frequency of unusual occurrences that people have reported. UFO appearances, light globes, geometric shapes flying nocturnal or diurnal light colored, strange humanoids making an appearance. Materialization and dematerialization, twisting trees in intervals of tens of seconds, moving radioactive fields and many other things that defy understanding have all been documented here.

“Some experts believe that we are dealing with a genuine Romanian “Bermuda Triangle”. The area certainly can be certified as such, especially with the exceptional video and photos, along with testimonies of researchers who have studied it for decades” – Professor Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, and Cristian Mureşanu, creator and producer of the show “Science and knowledge” (TVR Cluj).

Among the most shocking events are areas that are suddenly arising from the earth, snow or grass, even in the eyes of viewers. Appearances looming in the sky of geometric forms such as pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones and cubes have also been documented. These striking shapes have actually been photographed and filmed hundreds of times, and the authenticity of images was checked and confirmed by experts from around the world.

Those who have stepped inside the forest have often reported that shortly after they entered, they were struck with unexplained nausea, anxiety, feelings of nausea, headaches or skin irritations or burns.

Some experts in parapsychology, including Daniel Roxin, say that Hoia-Baciu Forest would be a “gateway” through which spirits enter into inter-dimensional space the physical size of the planet Earth. But others argue that there may be a portal between the earthly and astral plane here. This could be thought of as an intermediate zone where deceased souls dwell for a time of 40 days, to be judged based on the facts of their lives and then the powers that be will decide the destination of their soul.

Similar phenomena to those reported in Baciu have also beem recorded in other locations such as the Mojave Desert Breeze and Gloful U.S. Arenzano La Spezia, Italy, Norway Hessdalen Valley, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Mount Kailasa in Tibet, say experts.

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities

How a curious kid got irradiated

The first attempts to study Baciu forest and its oddities were made by the biologist Alexandru Sift (1936-1993), who was attracted to the scary stories circulating about the place. At the time, the forest was considered by some to becursed or haunted, if not the very house of Evil. During the 50s and the 60s Sift walked through the wide forest , photographing everything that seemed out of the ordinary. This experiment resulted in about 60,000 amazing photographs that resulted in largely spectacular observations. The surprise was about to shock the entire world.

When he got the films developed, Sift observed that he had captured some shapes, lights and silhouettes imperceptible to the human eye when the photo was taken. These shapes were seen floating between trees and amongst their shadows.

Sift had an unexplained encounter in the forest, according to his own confession, during a strange incident in July 1953 when he was still a student. During an afternoon Sift claims that he took a walk in the forest, and suddenly he noticed a gray object in the shape of the letter “V” pf to his side by 2-3 meters and itwas moving down towards the ground. The strange object landed in a bush not very far from himand he was stunned. He rushed over to the bush to find out what the object was, but he jus stood there,  in a stupor: the object disappeared without a trace.

The kid took a stick and stirred the bush, and was amazed that “instrument” or whatever it was, become invisible as he plunged deeper into the bush. After a while, he noticed that his hand had become invisible all the way up above the elbow. He claims then that, a warm breeze suddenly emerged from the bush, and threw him a few steps back. Mysteriously, his arm stared to regain it’s normal color and was no longer invisible. But, once at home, he reports that he began to have headaches, dizziness and chills. The day after, he had a high fever and could not get out of bed. Luckily, his symptoms gradually disappeared within a few weeks.

It was only after years of study and experience, that the biologist learned that he had passed through a strange episode of “actinic disease”, triggered by radioactive irradiation. Unfortunately, after the death of Alexander Sift, most of its archive, acquired by decades of painstaking work, was lost. The mission to study this phenomena was then granted to a man named Professor Adrian Baciu in the mid-’70s. Baciu, managed to collect about 15,000  extremely interesting photos of strange phenomena. These pictures were added to thousands of snapshots, taken by many other people who have passed through the area accidentally.

Hoia Baciu a Haunted Forest of Supernatural Oddities


Full-fledged paranormal phenomena

Those who have the curiosity and bravery it takes to enter Baciu Forest feel a thrill from the first step they take into the woods. An unnatural silence  passes and one does not hear a rustle, nor a trill of birds or the scurry of small animals on the forest floor… you hear nothing.

Trees in this haunted forest also have some twisted , stretched, bent shapes, and sometimes their trunks have been found intertwined in a way never seen before. From behind these unusual trees, people that have who entered the forest confessed that they had the feeling of being watched by numerous invisible eyes. And it’s not just an opinion of a few people. There have been hundreds of photographs taken by amateurs and professional photographers that show misty silhouettes and faces or “bioplasmatic structures” hiding inthe bush.

According to Adrian Patrice, who wrote a book in 1995 about “phenomena from Baciu Forest,Hoia appearances are rampant, and  not only human-looking apparitions are seen, but a variety of experiences form part of a wide range of paranormal events, which also include magnetic anomalies, field fluctuations, anomalous infrared emissions. Vegetation itself wears the “stigmata”- burns and necrosis of stems and leaves noted in sites such as crop circles, lending more credence to the thought that alien ships may land here.

In 1993, Adrian Baciu identified a particular area in the forest , which he called Point 3. This specific area seems to be the center of activity for paranormal phenomena. There are still and quiet periods in which nothing unusual happens. Fluctuations are seen that have a logical explanation, as otherwise no events themselves have.

Another story taking place in this area comes from the military technician’s adventures. Emil Barnea told the tale of the fateful day that he visited the woods, on the 18th of august 1968. At that time, Barnea was in the woods with his girlfriend, Zamfir Mate, and two family friends. He went in search of firewood, when Emil suddenly found himself crying. Back in the clearing, at 13.23, he observed something which looked like a UFO flying slowly into the woods. The round shaped flying object had a silver metallic appearance that reflected sunlight began to shine suddenly, and then accelerated in a slightly oblique direction. After this “show”, it disappeared. Emil Barnea still managed to take three pictures, considered today by international experts to be the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and, perhaps worldwide. The photographs, were widely published,  including Communist press of the time. In 1977, they were presented by Professor CS Vonkeviziczky Ozenologie the International Congress in Acapulco, so that they could be published later in publications worldwide.

Flying Saucer filmed in 2002

The last time a UFO was reportedly filmed over Baciu forest was in 2002 by two Cluj citizens, from the top floor of a building on the edge of Manastur district. They had caught on film for 27 seconds, the flight of a bright object shaped like a cigar that moved for a distance of about 50 meters. The UFO in the sky moved up and down until it went into a mass of clouds and disappeared.

According napocanews.ro, Hoia-Baciu forest became the object of dispute opened by President of heritage Cluj, Alin Tise against Cluj Hall for small parties and beer on May 1. Experts believe that the place could be a very attractive tourist attraction due to the strange phenomena that occurs here. It would therefore be advantageous to have the involvement of local authorities in transforming the forest into a park type UFO Tour,  an attraction point for a lot of fans and curiousity seekers.

This could be a paranormal investigators dream vacation spot, especially since,  in the neighborhood, and all around the county, were also reported unusual occurrences in Faget Forest, the Botanical Garden and near Central Cemetery in Cluj.