What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest?

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest?

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest?

In the heart of Transylvania, lies an area with timeless appearance, which is, perhaps, the most mysterious place in Romania. Much ink has flowed on the subject of Hoia-Baciu, in order to find out how many steps have we crossed through the gate between worlds, hoping a surprisingly glimpse at the paranormal. Some of them were truly  inexplicable experiences that cause chills even to the bravest men. In spite of their sustained efforts, researchers have no choice but to resign to the idea that their questions rest without a conclusion. So, the subject remains open  to the various speculations that spice up our imagination and raise the interest of the upholders of the paranormal phenomena.

Hoia-Baciu, is certainly the most famous location in Romania, where scientist and amateurs have investigated and analyzed some absolutely inexplicable phenomena. The area itself became really  famous worldwide in 1968, although local inhabitants knew of its existence since ancient times, keeping away from it as a bad place where things happen at the border of their human understanding. Everyone knew that once you adventure into the woods, one could expect anything: hearing the trees whose rustling seems to come from another world, all human subconscious begin to feel fear, strange figures suddenly come to life and appear in the path of those who are foolish enough to venture into this place. Since ancient times, the people who lived around the Hoia-Baciu forest observed without exception that once they entered the forest to cut wood, mow the grass for the animals or pick berries or mushrooms, something strange could happento absolutely any of them.

Since they made the first steps into the forest, villagers found themselves assaulted by unexplained nausea, anxiety, headaches and even skin burns. For a long period of time, Baciu forest situated at west of Cluj-Napoca, remained a taboo location. People are so afraid of entering this place that they believe if they did, they themselves  would fall under a heavy curse, or worse, Salas of Evil itself.

A real pioneering work at that time in the study of paranormal phenomena in the forests was made by the biologist Alexandru Sift was (1936-1993).

Professor Sift  was attracted by the famous Baciu forest, intrigued by the stories and amazed by the events that he had heard from the locals. In the 1950s, he undertook numerous trips to the forest, observing every space between the trees, because he said there were a series of strange shadows accompanying him. But he was brave enough not to abandon this research, and finally managed to photograph what is called the “umbrella”. Many surprises have appeared since the photo developing frameworks could be seen, besides the “umbrella” there could be observed many other forms, lights and figures that the human eye could not see. Sift’s research continued until the threshold of the 1960s, when more and more Romanian researchers looking for information had started to be attracted by Baciu forest exploration.

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest?

UFO activity

On 18 august 1968, Emil Barnea – a military technician , disregarding the villagers suggestions, and went in the Baciu forest to spend a weekend away from the stressful city. Along with him, there was his girlfriend at the time, Zamfir Mate and two other family friends who wished to remain anonymous. Around 13.00, while he was in search of firewood,  he suddenly found itself crying. Back at the meadow, along with his friends, Emil Barnea saw something what looked like a UFO flying at low speed above the Baciu forest, without uttering a sound. The strange flying machine suddenly began to glow, making an unbelievable air maneuver. After this strange show in the sky, the UFO sped up in a slightly oblique direction. Following it through the camera viewfinder, Emil Barnea managed to capture this movement in three frames. After developing the film, the technician in Cluj  contemplated with amazement the photos of what international experts over the years have had to classify as a UFO. It’s said to be “the clearest images of a UFO photographed in Romania and undoubtedly some of the best images of any UFO photographed ever in the world. ”

Even today, professor Emil Barnea is in contact with Florin George and John Hoban, probably the most prestigious Romanian ufologists, who confirmed the authenticity of the photos. After the photos were analyzed and “filtered” by the authorities, the pictures were taken by Agerpres National News Agency, and made public all over the world.

The  famous photos had to reach new standards during the year 1977 when they were presented to the CS Vonkeviziczky Ozenologie International Congress of Acapulco. Photographs were published immediately in all books and magazines around the world, targeting UFO enthusiasts.

Baciu Forest continues to fascinate, especially due to reports in which eyewitnesses said that one can experience the strangest phenomena such as unexplained physical sensations, light observations of various shapes and colors, strange shadows, voices and human faces. The area soon became famous amongst paranormal and esoteric specialists worldwide, teams full of famous scientists from Germany, France, the U.S. and Hungary had been visiting Baciu forest in the middle of the communist period, and managed to catch on film near inexplicable strange things …

Once inside Baciu forest, you may feel very stressed as you experience the sensation that somewhere behind the trees, thousands of invisible beings closely watch you, the “invader” of  their land. This feeling is present to all those who stepped into the heart of this strange forest: Hunters, tourists, officials, researchers, children, people with psychic ability or simply curious hikers all say the same thing. Researcher Adrian Four from Cluj-Napoca has devoted much of his life studying and investigating the paranormal phenomenology of this forest and is now considered the authorized person in terms Baciu forest mysteries.

According to materials gathered by Adrian, four decades of observations, appearances are part of a wide range of paranormal activity, making it difficult to stick them in one subgenre or unknown chapter of phenomenology.

First of all, Baciu Forest became famous because of  the appearance of immaterial or material forms that appear in front of curious visitors of this place. Most are invisible to the human eye, but can be caught on cameras. Some esoterists believe that these kind of appearances are nothing but representations of spirits which inhabit parallel universes. One thing is certain: this place is going through all kinds of magnetic anomalies, fluctuations of electromagnetic field emissions infrasound.

Among the most shocking events, there is also the sudden appearance of marks on land, snow or grass directly under the eyes of viewers  with no explanation. No living being has escaped unaffected by the mysteries of the forest. The biological effects are manifested on plants and vegetation that present forms of dehydration, burns and necrosis of stems and leaves of certain areas of the forest.

People accidentally passing right through active zones (considered as crossing gates to the other plans of the universe) claim to have gotten skin burns, redness, irritation, headaches, feeling amplified by thirst, anxiety, nausea. The typical sightings, forms are taking shape in the sky, right above the forest. These strange forms suddenly appear in the sky as flying, geometric form of pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones, cubes. These strange  shapes that populate the sky were photographed and filmed hundreds of times. The most spectacular are the UFO-shaped, pre-or quasi-UFO. Baciu Forest is also famous because of the invisible boundaries between what the human eye can observe an what the camera can capture.

Nowhere on Earth has ever been identified a location with all these curious features.

Occurrences that cause the greatest concern are curious humanoids. Seems like everywhere you go in the forest, there lurk almost invisible human heads. As in the case of UFOs, the vast majority were seen in the photos. Many tourists who  enjoy taking photos fall prey to terror as they start processing the pictures and have noticed they were not alone in the  forest. Dozens of strange heads sometimes appear in one photo. Also, there is this extremely macabre aspect of these pictures as some of the strange figures that appeared were identified as figures of people who had died …

Another aspect worth mentioning is related to transitional states between gamma and beta radiation, amplified magnetic distortion often associated with the appearance of white translucent humanoid figures.

What is inside the Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest?

Gate to other worlds

 In 1993, researcher Adrian identified a particular area which he called an “active welfare Paragraph 3″. Because it seems to be the center for paranormal phenomena which also has the maximum activity in the heart of Transylvania.

Research to date has led to set the following conclusions:

  • Hoia-Baciu phenomena are generally discrete but continuous in time.
  • The forest itself, provides more data than the fans of spiritualism.
  • Phenomena are clearly evident and are unchallenged by even the most skeptical scientists.
  • There seems to be a link between the presence in the forest of people with psychic ability and appearance of mysterious phenomena.
  • Paranormal phenomena is fluctuating and causes fluctuations itself, even if the effects are not fully discovered.

There is also a general consensus among experts in parapsychology, as Hoia-Baciu is a “gateway” for inter-dimensional travel for the spirits. Underlining this is the fact that the recently dead , it is believed, can enter material-physical side of the planet Earth . In the esoteric sciences, followers insist that Hoia-Baciu as a portal between the earthly and astral plane, somewhat similar intermediate zone, Dante’s Purgatory, where souls await deceased for 40 days, where are they are judged by an entity that decides the fate and facts of their existence Recorded phenomena in Baciu forest are also found in other places worldwide. Spots on Earth that contain areas with similar phenomena, including Gloful Breeze Mojave Desert and the United States-Arenzano La Spezia in Italy Hessdalen Valley in Norway, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, Mount Kailasa in Tibet. However, Hoia-Baciu is considered by all the great parapsychology, the most important area of parapsychological phenomena events on the planet.