Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Hoia Baciu Forest – A Place of Mystery – Haunted Forest

Hoia Baciu Forest – A Place of Mystery – Haunted Forest

Well known for legends based on events that can only come from the realm of mystery and unknown, the  Hoia – Baciu forest is said to be a gateway to another mysterious dimension.  Often referred to the ” Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania ”, this forest is one of the most active areas of the world in terms of paranormal activity. Many researchers have investigated this place, giving even more credibility as to speculation about the hauntings that have been reported  .

Hoia-Baciu forest covers an area of ​​about 295 hectares and it is rich with with varied vegetation – some of which is very strange – such as the twisted trees that grow here.

On the east side of the forest is the Tăietura Turcului, which is an artificial valley that divides the hill. The west side  reaches the northeastern slope of the Dealul Melcilor,. The Bongar valley is on the south side. On the northeastern side,the forest is bordered by Valea Lungă, which eventually forms Cheile Baciului, a unique valley featuring asymmetric slopes. There is also a beautiful natural lake located here that provides crystal clear water.

Locals say that those who enter the forest experience feeling very strangely people have reported feeling intense nausea and strange pains. Others report that they think that someone, or something,  is chasing them and that unseen creatures stalk them, following their every move. Evidence has shown up on cameras that have captured objects suspended in the air: unusual shapes, silhouettes, and strange human-like shadows. Some think that the forest is heavily populated by ghosts wandering endlessly through it’s dark depths. Others say that aliens are the ones who inhabit this unknown world and that they wish to take possession of all who show courage and defiance and go beyond normal boundaries of the forest threshold.

This  amazing forest fascinates and excites the imagination of those that believe that we are not alone in this world. Because there are so many witnesses that have told of their  experiences there are others also wish to experience this for themselves. Now,  the forest has become famous among paranormal and esoteric specialists worldwide, calling them to its haunting presence to try and solve its mysteries. .

 A Place of Mystery – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

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