Hoia Baciu is the most haunted forest from Romania

Hoia Baciu is the most haunted forest from Romania

Hoia Baciu Forest Image Haunted UFO
Hoia Baciu Forest

Could we call this forest the ” Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” ?

Hoia – Baciu Forest became famous due to the interest of the  pioneering paranormal researcher and biologist Alexandru. He had published what many believe to be authentic pictures of a disc-shaped flying object that moved over the forest on 18 August,  1968. This sighting was just one of many that he reported, some being visible to the naked eye, while others werenot.

There is a strange place in the forest, shaped as a perfectly ” round field “ that vegetation does not grow well in. Wandering through the woods, one will most probably find more of these patches of land that sustain no life including plants and some animals. It is considered by many to be a landing pad for UFOs . This could also be a way to explain the fact that trees are growing in extremely bizarre shapes.

The place is also thought to be protected by spirits and ghosts of the people who had died in uncommonly horrible ways . Some say that the forest is an entity that is alive and has a mind of its own. The wind is whispering and it seems to carry along with it sounds of female voices, that emerge, most probably, from another dimension. Do these voices come from beyond the grave or is it the forest calling out to those who trespass upon it?

Some believe that this land is a magnet for mythical energies. In certain active zones people are known to suddenly encounter physical symptoms such as rashes headaches, anxiety , burns, disease and extreme thirst. It is said that if you enter the forest thinking evil, negative thoughts, you may never  walk out again. People that enter the forest with evil feelings in their heart or mind are not the only ones who might experience unusual activity, The legends do, however, underline the fact that these kind of people are most likely to find their punishment if they enter into these woods.

Hoia – Baciu forest is believed by many to be a gateway to another dimension. No one knows when or where it opens, but it is a certainty in their minds that it actually exists.One story speaks about a woman that walked in the woods and when she got in, she wandered around for a while.  She reported that she had this feeling that time had suddenly stopped and she disappears for a short while. The next thing she knows , the woman returns with a piece of ancient history in her pocket but she has no idea where the item came from.

There are also reports of a five-year-old girl who disappeared into the forest while out playing. Desperately, her parents and the community searched for her with no luck. Finally they gave up the search and assumed the girl was gone forever. Five years later, however, the girl emerged from the forest wearing exactly the same clothes as she wore the day she disappeared., She was never the same, they say and she had no memory of what happened to her.

But this is just a glimpse at what mysterious happenings the forest hides inside its boundaries.

Would you have the courage to walk through the Hoia – Baciu forest to see for yourself if these legends are true?

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  1. Pankaj kumar(pelu)

    May be it is true fact
    also legends tell that unusual activities r shown if you enter with -ve ideas.i didn’t understand whether i’ve to be trust or not?

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