Romanian Bermuda Triangle – A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

Romanian Bermuda Triangle – A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

HoiaBaciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"! A film about the mysteries of Hoia Baciu Forest VIDEO

Hoia Baciu Forest

Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest is being compared to the “Bermuda Triangle”, in a documentary film written by Daniel Roxin and Professor Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology.

This reportedly haunted forest initially became famous because of the trees that grew in extremely strange shapes. The main reason why some people associate the shapes and strange growing patterns of those trees is the supposed appearance of UFOs in the area.

 In the documentary, the host says that there are still many things todiscuss and secrets to expose about this subject. But a well founded documentary on the mystery of the Hoia-Baciu forest as they are presenting to you could have the power to arise questions even in the most skeptical minds. We believe that this place is truly mysterious and unique.Paranormal phenomena in Hoia- Baciu is full of complexity, novelty and occurs at a higher frequency than in other places. All these things make this area a unique space – in fact, it’s one of the most active and researched areas by specialists worldwide.

Hoia-Baciu has always amazed locals, visitors and researches with the unusual phenomena that occur there – UFO sightings,  bright geometric shapes flying, strange humanoid shapes that appear in a colored light during the day or the night, strange nebula forms, materialization and dematerialization, twisting trees in intervals of tens of seconds, mobile radioactive fields and many other things that defy logic and reason- all reported on a regular basis in the forest.

In order to bring up some fresh information and new theories about this topic, interest has been peeking as to what is really going on here. Some researchers have put the meaning of the documentary ‘Baciu Forest, a Romanian Bermuda Triangle’ to test and claim it has the same type of activity.

Here you can watch an exceptional video and photos, along with testimony from two researchers who have studied this enigmatic place for decades – prof. Dr. Adrian Patra, president of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and Mr. Cristian Muresan, creator and producer of the show “Science and knowledge” (TVR Cluj).

“As you see, the mystery surrounding this phenomenon brings up troubling questions about us as humans and about the universe. It is truly a story about people and about our potential in this universe which has no limits to surround our day to day lives. A universe that we know so little … “ Daniel Roxin.


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  1. Andrea November 1, 2013 5:45 pm  Reply

    I do not speak Romanian, but the video was still captivating! Would love to have an opportunity to tour.

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