Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta
Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta

The popular Discovery Channel TV station, specializing in documentaries, broadcast a sensational story filmed in Baciu Forest near Cluj. The documentary attempts to provide an explanation of paranormal phenomena that have been said to happen in the area. In this forest, what they found was surprising!!

Manufacturers Discovery,  called“bewitched” a story of the Baciu Forest “Witch”, Ciresica was chosen by the leaders of Discovery Channel television station for a report that aired on October 31 – Halloween. Filming began in mid august and ended in early September, deep in the mysterious Baciu Forest, near Cluj. Here, Cherry has a place she described only as places that “are whirlpools in a stream, places used for magic rituals, that increases the power of the witch”.

In the documentary, scientists have tried to answer the question: “Are witches magical effects stronger Baciu Forest, and if so… why?”.

Ciresica was chosen as a guide by those from Discovery Channel that has no fear, it seems, to walk at midnight through the haunted forest. Locals say that  performing rituals here, givesthem greater power –  wizard rituals have been said to occur here. In addition, the rituals are known witches who come mainly from Sinziene to make charms. The place is visited as well by sorcerers, and it is said that satanic ceremonies are performed in darkness and superstition.

The first UFO in 1968

Baciu Forest has developed a unique reputation in Romania and all over the world over the years due to paranormal phenomena occurring here.

It first became famous in 1968 after a photo of a UFO by Emil Barnea was published. After that, there is publication of research undertaken here by biologist Alexandru Sift. Researcher Adrian Four Cluj then made systematic investigations in the area and even wrote a book in 1995 about “phenomena from Baciu Forest – Hoia”.

The last reported UFO was filmed over Baciu Forest in 2002 by two Cluj residents who lived on the top floor of a building on the outskirts of the neighborhood Manastur. The UFO’s were caught on film for 27 seconds  and were described as an evolution of a bright object in the sky that was shaped like a cigarette and a length of about 50 meters. The UFO rose and went across the sky until it went into a mass of clouds and disappeared.

 Burns and headaches

Adrian Four also found in the woods “structures or shapes flying at ground level, visible or invisible to the naked eye, simple and colorful night lights, flying or stationary.”  He went about installing the forest with measurement devices which revealed radioactive emissions, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic interference, microwave emission and infrared emission all in the abnormal range.

Many of the local inhabitants know about paranormal phenomena at Baciu and they do not dare to explore the depths of the forest. And that because of the appearance of the blue, some cases of burns, headaches, anxiety and vomiting. Experts have found that there are points with maximum anomalies in the soil occurring  and traces of suspect anomalies. Weird things show up in the vegetation which look as if it is affected by dehydration and they also recorded  cases of burns or necrosis.

“Guardian angels” Baciu Forest

In the forest there is a magnetic area 300 meters wide, where not much grows and it will not even grow mushrooms. The trees are twisted wood, the wood is of the strongest type and it is so hard that it can not be cut with an ax. In the torrential rains that  happen, but they do not fall off not a drop of rain harms them.

 One of the most interesting paranormal phenomena encountered in Baciu Forest is the by far the appearance in some photos of some so-called “guardian angels”. These entities  are normally invisible to the naked eye but can be captured by the camera and the shape of human figures.

Find out what is really happening

Here in Cluj-Napoca, exactly in the heart of Transylvania were the first Atlantean beings on Earth, according to legend. Here then, is the well-known center of Atlantis, which appears in the writings of Plato, being a high school initiated in the mysteries. Here they reached the first Aryan beings which had created a timeless zone, with which they could travel anywhere in the universe, but also anywhere on the planet, without the need for travel by a ship.

Who knows about Ramayana epic also knows that Dakni light beings that were energy beings, having no physical body were the first living beings here have lived with our beloved Dacians. Mythologies call them evil spirits, but they say that Fairies are evil and negative beings, but those who uttered the first time such a statement were all Masons. The said,people you remove these unique creatures so they are only around our mountains. Usually the behavior of these creatures is to get eye contact with individuals who believe they have a sensitivity to esoteric vibration felt by them which they emanate.

Anyone who is in the forest, can virtually wake up in another time, even in another area, whether that be caused themselves or it is to happen without their consent. A person initiated ezoterimul high knowledge can use this area for the means to teleport to any location desired. This energy bubblewas  created 55,000 years ago ago by Atlanta for easy travel from their planet to earth. Using only teleportation, it remains active, and most of those who have been there in the forest have witnessed incredible phenomena, Many times they believe that their experience was just a dream. But are they dreams?

Obviously not everyone who entered this space-time loop will have overall vision to see both beings that are not seen with the naked eye but also the astral universe which is accessible to us only when we leave our body.

I must say that this forest attracts strange interest, not only “crazy” people at the Pentagon, because secrets about all their technology are tied up in this. They claim to know nothing, but this is a facade, in reality they know who and for what purpose have this place the timeless wonder it is. It is just a smokescreen for the crowd to believe you do crazy things you say about this forest even though these things happen. Keeping this area accessible would most likely  not happen if artifacts in Bucegi and ceahlau it were not maintaining this area.- which can manifest astral beings in this world, sometimes taking the form of people.

The best example of astral beings materialized in the form of people, came from the 90s when the military was training in this area. The story goes that some soldiers were headed to the military base in a car. On their way they spotted an old man with a staff, the officers leaned out of the car, asked if the old man feeling well? OThe old man replied that yes, he was fine,. The men climbed into the car and when they got about a 100 meters down the road and looked back, when they turned their heads back to see him……..that old, man had vanished as if he was made of smoke. These events have been kept very secret and were under investigation.

These “mysteries” such as the subject Baciu Forest in Transylvania, not mysteries, but so are allowed to appear in reality  because those who lead us (Illuminati) know everything about them. The idea is to keep the population in ignorance and make them believe in spirits and ghosts and that they bad for them somehow create panic and people hate instead of love these astral beings.

 If you look at most people whether they are from Romania or anywhere else on the planet they are fascinated and somewhat scared to talk about ghosts or astral beings. All of this being part of a larger plan to have human society based on fear of spirits and that creates fear to face any challenge.

Further investigations in the future for Baciu Forest may begin to resolve this strange, intoxicating “mystery” that is obscured by decades of public opinion and secrecy.

61 thoughts on “Truth about the Hoia Baciu Forest, an area on Earth created 55,000 years ago by Atlanta”

    1. And what is it that you are referring too Talat? Feel free to enlighten me please and thank you. I am curious and expressing great interest in this place.

      1. By the way, there were UFOs explained, right, because I think I got lucky seeing one. I THINK it was one.

        Never going back to Japan. ever.

  1. It is truly a year I did two crosses in the woods After a year I found myself in the middle of the night with an energetic creature that floated around the room I made ​​an implant in forebrain that helps you survive the night receive some objects not much to developments in society that change they are looking for if you appear mentally All my sacral area once extracted semen to create other beings-clones, 20 years later at night I welcomed two clones identical to me.

  2. The circle is an old protection circle that whoever created it forgot to dispel thus blocking all tree spirits and such from getting in. That’s why nothing grows there except grass and the only reason that can grow there is because grass eternal (the first ever land plant ever and grows on every continent on the planet) and was most likely there when the circle was created.

    1. Zak Bagans investigated that circle and when he stepped out of it he was so terrified he barely moved. I’ve never seen him so scared on any of his other investigations. Remember, he’s a 38 year old paranormal investigator, he’s had plenty of opportunities to be scared.

      1. I remember watching that episode as well, and I too agree that he was truly frightened as we have never seen him before. The only other time that I have seen him somewhat scared was when GAC went to that Hotel in Nevada, and that board levitated, and that brick took flight on it’s own. I wonder whats really goin on in this forest?

  3. There are some things you should know that forest is a nasty place to go at night if possible dont go at night there were a few suicides in that forest but the one that i know about is the case of 2 twin sisters with no mental or social problems that hanged themselfes in that forest also there were a group of local gypsy witches that usualy performed their craft there

  4. Anthony Cardenas

    Its a place of spirits guys. Some good some bad. Its easy to keep them away or to attract them we just don’t know this and walk in there not knowing. Its best not to though. They don’t have a capacity for intelligence. We are the bottom of the food chain so to speak. You guys should try and speak to a native Hawaiian and an elder native Hawaiian. Some of the mountains are forbidden and illegal to tourist. Some kind of royalty of a race exist there. They look like tree/grass people and are tall. Those mountains have more history than what we credit it for in our classrooms. Its hard finding stuff online for them as Hawaiians keep a close circle but the younger groups are the ones breaking the chain. Have FUN!

  5. That’s not the story my family has passed down. The one I was told is that back in Vlad the Impaler slaughtered thousands of soldiers in or near the forest. He waited for six months then came back at the end of summer had a mass grave dug and piled all the rotting corpses in and covered them back up. When it came up as to where the soldiers went Vlad claimed that he’d ridden all over Transylvania that summer and never once seen any army or a soldier in Transylvania at all. Those soldiers were his own.

  6. Most civilizations started near rivers, and most of those rivers were associated with cyclic flooding. Now sometimes, this flooding can be many hundreds of time worse than normal, which is why most civilizations that developed amongst rivers tend to have an abundance of flood myths — like Noah, etc. You don’t see such myths in nomadic groups or island-based systems. It occurred to me that dark, ancient forests are also present in numerous stories and mythologies passed down over the centuries, and I thought it would be an interesting afternoon well spent if I were to conduct a little research of my own merely to determine whether or not there are traditions similar to what we see at Aokigahara Forest, the now well-known Suicide Forest at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji. It was an interesting afternoon, but I felt it necessary to let you people know that your comments are very clearly the most annoying load of tripe I have ever come across. For the most part, you wouldn’t even make good poker players. I have always loved forest, but you have put me off completely, because as much as I love forests, I am personally offended by inbreeding and the crap that inbreeding eventually exposes. Thank you for ruining what I was convinced would be a fun afternoon.

    1. Todd Ruger, I would expect that type of a reply coming from you. Just by reading what u wrote, it is clear that you are afraid of what you have only read. You cannot judge someone who is only speaking the truth. Why dont you venture out of your four walls & take a vacation to this forest? Then write down what you have experienced. I bet you wont be such an ass then!

  7. Let me qualify my last comment. What Katie had to say at the very end was actually interesting. Thank you, Katie. I don’t believe that Vlad Tepes would have wiped out his own army — it would be suicidal and he had a fairly good reputation for defending his homeland, but I can at least see how a story of the sort Katie told us could develop over the years. It was interesting, and she doesn’t deserve to be filed in with the rest of you clowns.

    1. Wow, Todd.
      Sounds like you have some issues.
      People who are name-calling and arrogant
      are usually closed-minded and insecure.
      you can learn things from anybody.

  8. I wish to one day go camping all night in the forest because i want to know what happens in that circle. I plan on Documenting it and sharing it with the world if i come back that is.

  9. Blade was known for killing his own soldiers he was a evil ruler he was paranoid about his own army going again him he also fled fir a while. Things he did most was unknown but I’ve seen documentarys about him. He did kill off his army after the war he had he was the implar so yes he killed his own ppl look it up.

  10. I’ve done alot of reating on vlad as known as dracula. He’s creepy, read up about his skills Katie not wrong unless all the stuff I’ve seen and read are. I mean whatever you can believe what you want but it’s kind of logical that vlad did have some kind of forest in The forest. I do know he was very paranoid. About his throne really his own ppl didn’t like him he was like I said a evil ruler

  11. That forest is NO JOKE !!
    My advice to all is STAY AWAY from the Forest no matter how curious you are …
    its completely a death zone to those who disturb the woods …it is no place for humans souls to wonder in such depths…my grandfather told me many stories about that place …
    People getting sick after visiting the woods also People disappearing/hanged..
    There have been cases where people hear voices in the forest…
    I have only seen the outside of the forest
    but NEVER step foot in that place …
    since i like my life…i prefer to stay safe
    but to those who plan to enter on their own risk BEST OF LUCK!!

  12. Aliens. Ghosts. Witches. A number of things people don’t believe in. When they are all very real. I’m sorry, but I can’t look at the night sky and believe we are the only living things here. Ghosts? I’ve seen and witnessed many things in my life. A person leaves a residue when they pass. Witches? They are in every nations history. Kinda hard to over look. I’ve seen and heard about this place off and on my whole life and as of late, it has been so embedded in my thoughts I’m actually starting to write a story about, with all the tales and happenings combined. That’s the only time I can get it off my mind.

  13. Mary , i dont know the place but im curious about it, the thing is, it cant do you no wrong unless you let it into your aura .. its the cristaline grid of the planet .. it’s not phisical .. i do believe it has good and bad energies but if you are strong enough to face it why not..

  14. By the way , if anyone went on this place i would like you to describe what have you felt and seen/heard please..

  15. James the Adventurer

    The more I hear the more I believe that the only way to know the truth is to see for myself. Who is with me? Lets all meet up and have a beer.

  16. There is a particular spot there which is kinda circular in shape. This spot is the way to teleportation, all I will say is we know less than 1% of what actually is going on there. Aliens is the biggest clue I can give. Enjoy your time guys the day is not too far when we become slaves to these guys.

  17. These are jinns colony living in that part of the world .these jinns are historically been referred to with different names In Different cultures and human civilizations .

    the human body is basically made up of clay and water .while these beings are made up of smokeless fire .like humans there are good and evil beings in this specie .but they have almost same kind of intelligence as humans .and they have same kind of social setups .

    Due to the nature of there Bieng they can psychosomatically impact human mind because human brain works on electrical impulses .so like evil humans who spread falsehood and lies to hArm there own spices the evil jinns do exactly the same through there psychosomatic capabilities (by initiating evil suggestions etc in ones mind )

    Certain evil humans try to forge friendship with these beings (evil among them)through there various satanic rituals ,once they are successful they achieve nothing but extend hArm to there own fellow beings ultimately .

    Please stay away from all such activities which intentionally or unintentionally involves you In the business of these evil beings .

    In modern times some people have lured unsuspecting innocent youth to this jinn-business (making friends with them)in the name of spirituality ,communicating with dead ,calling on Holy Spirit etc (depending on origin of ones religion ) or attaining supernatural powers but it is all a miraj and a lie .

    In short,Just know that it’s another spicie which you cannot see with your naked eyes but it is not something divine . And keep your distance because it will ensure your safety .


  18. I have never been there but I Think that part is of the unseen World. The jinns live there and they don’t like to interact with humans, only the evil ones does. If one of them ever Contact you, don’t Think for once that it want to make friend or anything. They spread mischief and are evildoers. the Place is interesting but dangerous for humans to enter. You will prob survive one or two nights but don’t push it and overstay since they don’t like it at all. They are not Aliens, angels or anything like it, they are Another created being with a freewill. Read about them if you like, they are very real!

  19. No one needs to know what’s in the forest it’s neither good nor evil
    Entering the circle will make you not here but here
    If you wish you to know just go in be warned its not for the faint of heart

  20. I would love to go see for myself. Maybe walk on the outskirts of it. Or have a helicopter hover above while I walk around, and with other people with me.

  21. What if someone drop a nuke at its center… All of your sick brainless story will be ended you mother fuckers… We lived in human powered era hey son of a bitch… Use your brain before type something.. This is the world where money is your god… Ahh i hope sick brainless human like you will die today… Fuck you mother fuckers pigs…

  22. Josh Gates from Destination Truth did an investigation there several years ago and it was pretty interesting. One of his team members was sitting cross legged in the middle of the clearing and was picked up and thrown about 10 ft. They caught it on film. Probably one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen. Their instruments captured very high electromagnetic readings there (completely off the charts) there should not have been any, as they were in the middle of nowhere. is, we don’t have the technology at this time to explain these anomolies

  23. Richard Tanzer

    As a Witch and a follower of Wicca. We believe there are places on this earth that are gateways and portals to other realms. These places are occupied by spirit entities called Fae or Faery folk. In the Middle East they are referred to as the djinn. In India the Yakshini, the dakini, apsaras. In Greece the Nymphs and Satyrs, among Native Americans nature spirits. We believe in forest gods and goddesses that rule in those places and the
    Deities over them. This is what we believe. And this is what we believe that live in forests and deserts and in waters. Sorry if Iam going too long about this. But i just want to make a point. Blessings.

  24. Joshua Gates from “Destination Truth” took a group there twice. One of his group was sitting in the circle and was suddenly thrown quite a distance back. They saw lights,shadows and other things. On the return trip they again saw lights, shadows and an apparition. The same guy (while sitting in the circle again), that was thrown before was attacked again. He got dizzy, had a loud ringing in his ears and had blood coming from his ear. He could barely walk out of there. Josh immediately shut down the investigation. Also before the actually went to this area they flew in an airplane over the area and had serious issues with the plane. There is def something going on in this place.

  25. First saw this on gac whth zac getting spooked ! showing tonite on really channel 5 pm yes. the thing no one mentions vlad in this?

  26. All this seems more misleading than anything. All there is to know is there is more to thr forest than just trees and govs/big money will not properly openly reviel/investigate places like this.

  27. The real truth is that the place isn’t shunned and is frequented all the time. There are fire pits and trash and people ride four wheelers back there all the time. These mystery sites never post the real truth… just horseshit. Wow, Zak Bagans had a nervous breakdown, but even locals go back there all the time and experience nothing.

  28. There are some issues when Josh Gates visited the forest. The map that Professor Patrut showed was of the forest located outside of Cluj, however they showed the path on a satellite view taking them north east of Cluj about 50 miles the way they indicated on the show near Bistria. It indicated on the show it was in a remote area however there are two main roads next to where they went. There is NO perfect circle clearing at either forest locations just look at any satellite map views. For someone who has been too a lot of places to be that far off from his actual destination Josh Gates and company missed it on this episode.

  29. Vlad Țepeș didn’t spend significant time around the Cluj area. Most of the time when he was having his fun with impalings was in the south, in Wallachia. By the time he headed to Hungary later on, most of his army had already defected to his younger brother’s side. (That was who the Ottomans wanted in power.) Just because a place is in Transylvania doesn’t mean this has a single thing to do with our dear Vlad the Impaler—it’s a really big place.

    As for Hoia Baciu, I’ve been to the forest several times (I live nearby), and I honestly don’t feel anything from the place that would remotely qualify as supernatural—except for its (super?) natural beauty and peacefulness. It’s a pretty common place for folks from Cluj to go on nice days for a walk, a picnic, camping, etc. I know it must feel nice to romanticise the idea of a haunted forest, but if there is…well, pretty sure this isn’t the one.

  30. I want to go. My soul is drawn to this. Like a magnet I cannot explain. My vessel is boring and I need answers. Answers to what is and what isnt. I believe this place can reinvent my being into something more.
    If anyone knows how I can make this happen contact me. I want to know the truth.

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