Paranormal pilgrimage to the Hoia-Baciu forest

Welcome to Hoia Baciu Forest – A Creepy Scenario

 Welcome to Hoia Baciu Forest – A Creepy Scenario

Thanks to the fact that Romania is full of haunted castles and we know that everyone loves a mysterious castle, Hoia – Baciu Forest is often overlooked . There is also the reason that no one really knows if this shoul d be categorized as a ” haunted place” are or as place of “UFO” activity . Still, it is universaly accepted that the UFO appearances are the most scary as they put us face to face with another living creature. Are we ready to accept this manifestation?

The forest is situated in the proximity of the city Cluj- Napoca, near the Northern border of Romania.The locals believe that the forest is cursed and has become the home of the devil. There are also discutions about an intangible goal within the forest , as a bridge to the another place, a place of mystery, unknown and of fear . Since 1960, the Forest also has the reputation as a place for UFO activity.

Once a person enters the haunted forest , he/shewill begin almost immediately to experience extreme nausea , unexplained atacs of panic or anxiety , headache, and in various of cases have been reported skin burns experiences . What I find most disturbing about these experiences is the fact that they describe the symptoms of radiation sickness . Although not fully jungle trying to detect radiation was swept away , many ghost hunters have brought their Geiger counters to detect any noticeable sign of radiation .

Deposits include specific liabilities wild animals such as the wolf, who confronted a group of travelers and paranormal enthusiasts. During their migration , they encountered a wolf , they approached without fear , but simply for a long time looked calm before walking out . Occurrences of this kind are by no means rare, even the locals will tell you that the animals are very friendly.

It was the general aspect of the forest, which caught the attention of the biologists Alexandru Sift , but I found much more than an explanation of how the trees change their shapes. Sift made ​​numerous scientific excursions into the forest, and soon became very aware of the “shadow” that watched him constantly from behind the trees. The experience of being watched is probably the most common among all experiences in Hoia – Baciu .

Moreover, if you are looking Hoia – Baciu forest on Google , you will come across hundreds, if not thousands , not by what may or may not be fairytale.Whether you decide to believe in them or not is up to you, but are you sure about the answer you are about to give?


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