World capital of the paranormal – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"
Paranormal phenomena in the heart of Transylvania. Baciu Forest, "a Romanian Bermuda Triangle"

World capital of the paranormal – Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest

Just three kilometers away from Cluj, Romania, lies the Hoia – Baciu forest, emerging from somewhere in a broken time ,  it is a mysterious and wonderful place, where the normal and paranormal merge and the conventional and unconventional can not be distinguished from each other . Once you enter the strange forest, it captures your immediate attention because of the strange shape of the trees. In no other forestdo the trees turn so unnaturally in the way they do here. Everywhere you look, six or eight trees spring from the same root system. Instead of growing towards the sky , the trees become arched like into a silent prayer, bent to the ground by an unknown force .

Since ancient times, the inhabitants felt the strange powers of the forest and shunned it because it was beyond their power of comprehension. For a long period of time, people had not really talked about the forest , as they were afraid to mention the place they believed fell under a curse. Not until the early 1950s, when a lonely biologist named  Alexandru Sift, during his long pioneering research, lifted the veil of mystery that had fallen upon the forest. His investigations were continued in the 1970s by several research teams or by  solitary researchers from Romania .

In 1968 , international press agencies published very exception photos of a discoidal UFO that overflew the forest . Hoia – Baciu reports were printed and read by people everywhere, at research institutes in Europe and the U.S.  Today Hoia – Baciu Forest is considered a modern day living legend . The fascination with  it attracts those who want to unlock the secrets of the increase of activity experienced from year to year.

 For half a century , in an area of only a few kilometers large , there were recorded and studied furiously absolutely extraordinary events , such as materialization and dematerialization. These events being so bizarre that they stretch the limits and  logic of science. But Hoia Baciu is not the only strange place in the world. The map shows many places where ther are unexplained phenomena such as the Mojave Desert and the Gulf Breeze U.S. Arenzano La Spezia , Italy , Norway Hessdalen Valley , Belo Horizonte in Brazil or Mount Kailasa in Tibet.

Among them , Hoia – Baciu Forest is considered by all the great psychics of the world as the most important  and the most “active” point on earth . Through the strength and variety of appearances in this space Cluj forest is the “capital ” of the paranormal world .

We begin to enter into the mysteries of  Hoia – Baciu Forest by telling stories… true stories told by actual witnesses. There are stories that seem magical and not like any other , as the stories of Scheherazade . My guide is authorized forest stories Cluj Professor Adrian fourth, President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology and author of two books of essays : ” The normal to the paranormal ” and ” phenomena Hoia – Baciu forest .”

When you provoke Adrian, Pătruţ stories seem endless . So … First there were UFOs . UFO after UFO appeared alone or in groups above the forest , year after year ! Some visible to the naked eye , and appeared in the shape of a sphere or pyramid or moving light or inexplicably hanging in the sky . Sometimes  nebulae appear to be floating …  a vigilant observer can see , with any luck ,  lights, colorful and strange within the magnificent trees and sprouting grasses as they are bouncing and dancing through the air.

Still other strange occurrences are invisible to the naked eye but were later seen on camera ! … With its huge variety of large invisible UFO,s , captured on photographic images Hoia – Baciu forest with its surroundings is unmatched worldwide. Over 1,000 photographs taken over 30 years, dozens of people who intentionally or just accidentally photographed the area, show invisible UFOs . Appearances  of these invisible craft surprised many when looking at photographs from the early 50′s.Alexandru Sift said that while walking through the foresthe observed nebula forms , which he wanted to record and he tried  to photograph them , Sift found that the number of structures in the photo is much more than those he had seen with his own eyes.” In March 1969,

Alexandru Sift Cluj saw a stain so intensely blue that it moved the blue sky ” – says Adrian square. ” He took a picture and noticed a sort of dark halo which is a biconcave disk-shaped UFO .

Going into Hoia – Baciu forest to see any trace of the event that I noticed I found in the ground a circular groove 4-5 meters across. Lit looked like something very difficult had happened and the grass was dry and never grew in 3 or 4 years oreven after 40 years…. and, after that it would not be clearly visible traces on the ground but  only the phenomena accompanying the haunted forest . often those that searched  were able to detect, among other things magnetic anomalies in their compasses  and strong radioactive emissions

A Journey into the past

– What are the strangest events in Hoia – Baciu that you have experienced or witnessed Mr. Adrian Pătruţ?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Prof. Univ. Adrian Pătruţ

–                     Something very special happened to me in 2000 , on the eve of Easter. I had gone in the forest with a scientist born in Cluj , who lives in Germany. Suddenly , I noticed that the tops of thousands of trees dripping something. It was a sap , liquid … It was like a spring flowing from the trees , from 10-15-20 meters and down to their roots . I was transfixed . Hoia – Baciu Forest is known for its greenery being very, very dry , so it was unusual that saw us there .  The next day when we returned , there was no sign of that abundant sap flowing from thousands of trees. the dry land had absorbed everything.

–                     There is another disturbing occurrence that we have seen , and which I have never recounted it to anyone before. It happened after 1989 , and it involved a student from Cluj . We were all on the edge of the forest , just 50 meters from the city , on the southern coast , which faces the Somes Mic and where you could see the whole town in a beautiful panoramic open sea.

–                      And then something happened to the girl … I saw her stood silent and lost like in a trance for an hour . And when she woke up, she told us something strange . Suddenly began to see Cluj old , now more than 50 years. Not only that she had seen , but just walked for an hour ( that hour of her trance ! ) In Cluj -free blocks. She had walked the streets and boulevards, she said, and spoke of depicting them before and during the war. For a while, I listened to all , some were confident she was truthful, others were skeptical , then she went to the bus  to leave. The story was stupefying . When paying , the girl found in her pocket a silver 100 lei, image King Michael . Appearing out of nowhere ! It was proof that it was really an hour before. Traveled she had, not merely recounting a strange dream that she didn’t know about anything yet.

– What your story leaves me speechless …

– Another thing happened to us  in 1975. I had been photographing ruinswhich  were right in the center of the forest. It was in January and I made a few hundred photos near those ruins with a large group of friends. After two weeks I went back to look at that spot, because I love it, and I feel good there. But the ruins were not there, no living soul could remember that they had been there, it was as if they never had been yet I know they were! … Nor has anyone seen this place after that , never ! And…. very strangely, after a few years , even their pictures are gone , the images of the ruins  simply vanished from my photos .

– I would ask now why are trees in Hoia – Baciu so twisted ? Is there any logical explanation?- In 2008 , I was in Poiana Round at a shoot with Team Pro TV . Everything went well , I filmed a portion of the forest . Three weeks later, I went back , I noticed three trees that were heavily twisted and turned . We compared their images with the movies, but they were normal trees in the film! This twisted nature was very strong – and it is important to know they were large trees- 20 feet tall – and two of them were oak trees vigorous and tough. And they were all twisted we had just been there a few weeks ago, therefore it had to be produced in a very short time.

And if you tell of other strange happenings in the forest , I remember seeing several times , winters , footprints that stopped suddenly in the snow, and then disappeared ! As if those who transgressed there would have been sucked down into the snow. … Also there is a famous photo that shows a man without a shadow ! The picture was taken on a beautiful day and the shadows of the trees nearby are clearly seen . Near the man without a shadow appears  an unusual structure , which has been called “the dragon bioplasmic ” .  We may never know if he created this oddity or if it is paranormal.

– Not far away,, a few kilometers from Cluj , things happen that we do not even imaginable .

–                     So it seems that there are many things we do not know about . Are there any unusual sounds heard in those woods? Once I heard the sounds of rescue in our immediate vicinity, although I was in the middle of the forest. Sometimes , you can hear the cuckoo clock sounds , and the sounds of exploding tires or rubber balloon sounds deflating in your presence . And all sorts of other strange, short screams can be heard . Not to mention that chirping chicken sound, which was always present on the plateau forest. Many of these sounds we hear , but do not register with our vocal cords. .

–                     Another chance to hear voices and other strangeness is when it  is recorded with a recorder. Once, I made a comment about the forest and at home, listening to the recording, I heard a low frequency. When I replayed it and was heard more slowly , more slowly , more slowly , until frozen. My regular recording of the forest was ten times slower than normal one! … Also in Hoia – Baciu forest , very often , the batteries of the cameras die and cameras to malfunction in inexplicable ways. It happened this way for us at least three times , with teams of TVR . Going into the area before you start shooting , check  all batteries, including the spare , have them fully charged, if your equipment works like ours, it may not help. Despite the trouble we had in the forest, once we got back to Cluj , they began to operate normally.

–                      When we were back in the area with the equipment, sometimes I could continue , sometimes not. battery power was partial and it was difficult . In only one case was the entire thing drained and used up all the batteries we had recharged .

–                      Bioforms are other manifestations that make this such an interesting and exotic woods. They are some appearances that resemble humans or animals. some are not visible to the naked eye , they appear in the forests grass or in the form of hovering human heads or some people see whole bodies. Often they reproduce the features of a person living or deceased , dear to the one who sees them . In a famous photo taken by Alexandru Sift appeared a grotesque head , invisible to the naked eye . In another , there is a small head, a man lost in the grass forest, tree line . It’s an almost perfect embodiment reminiscent of an ectoplasm – spiritual substance spiritualists say that emanates mediums during trance . In another photo , near Sift appears to have captured  something transparent- a man with  overly large eyes and arms too long.

– The secret of these photos, Mr. Adrian country?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Alexandru Sift

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

Adrian Square ( R) and Al. Sift the pioneering era

–                     Much has been said about the photo, which is now part of the forest folklore . It’s the man who has a kind of stump instead of very white arm and a leg that has almost fallen off. And that seems to be a dematerialization . This was done in 1970 . What happened then? Alexandru Sift set out at one time in the woods and saw the edge of  a man and a woman swinging back to back . Get recognized as some appearances , some appearances , because he had seen other times there and even photographed them . Sift began to look intensely at two appearances and one suddenly disappeared . Then the camera man snapped, just as he disappeared . And it appeared that partial dematerialization .

–                     And there is something else that is extraordinarily interesting about Hoia – Baciu forest . She seems to have the ability to mold the beliefs of those who cross the threshold. A skeptic who doubts the power of the forces within the field  of the paranormal may come a dozen times in the woods and would not have any exotic experience . But one who is convinced that unusual phenomena occurring in the forest you can experience it in the first visit. Moreover, forest phenomena seem to take their own image from that found in the minds of their observers . Depending on your beliefs , hopes or your traumas . A group of Targu Mures, for instance, who was obsessed with UFOs, the picture frequently … UFOs. We, in Cluj , I was concerned about embodiment.  Sift , who read much literature esoteric symbols associated with the esoteric picture . And foreign groups , abnormalities obsessed photo caught lighting effects and distortions .

A detective story : the loss of evidence

– How you love Hoia – Baciu Forest , Mr. Adrian country?

– In 1974 there was an interesting article about Alexandru Sift flame were some first reference to unconventional phenomena are happening right near my town . For us , Cluj concerned about such events was a complete surprise , an absolute novelty . Very , very few people knew the concerns of Sift : a few of the Biological Research Institute was working on a few family members. Then I looked up  Alexandru Sift , I talked to him, he and I made ​​several expeditions together Hoia Baciu forest area and we were very close a few years . Then we broke up for reasons beyond our control .

– Often mentioned his name Ale- hexane – dru Sift . What happened to him?

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

A aeroformă ( UFO ) type comet falling to the ground

– He went through some unpleasant experiences . First , got some more special visits , after which it was isolated from all other known or friends who were somewhat aware of its concerns . Then he lost the job because he was encouraged to seek emigration to a foreign country to continue investigations in the forest. And this is not ac cepted when . And lived until the end of time , from a modest pension to his wife.

– What kind of strange visits will -bit ?

– It’s hard to say. It was confirmed as a neighbor … It would be the story of black people – men in black , as they are called in the movies. They encouraged him to leave the country and have it fitted by Sift , to continue research with equipment that Romania did not have the time: next-generation cameras , including infrared .

– What happened with exceptional archive photo of Sift ?

–                     There is always a special chapter in unconventional phenomena : loss of evidence. The evidence disappears with some people. Many films, photographs of paranormal phenomena are lost for unknown reasons . Records are lost in some bizarre circumstances . Same was with Sift . Many of the materials in the archive are said to have been destroyed by him , personally, in a moment of despair. But a large part of the archive, the so-called photographic testament of Alexander Sift , remained . Then they also disappeared in strange circumstances . Warned that something would happen to the archiveSift had learned of his death , so soon after his wife’s death . What ‘s archive was locked in the house , I spoke with a close relative of his Sift , but she could not come in those days to get the archive.

World capital of the paranormal : Hoia – Baciu Forest

White Aeroformă aspect decaying heart , which ejects a white substrate above the forest

Then I delayed too. And when I came , finally, to the house , the archive was not there! I had heard that some persons who entered the house , took a lot out of there and took them to a collection center that recycles paper , to gain some money. They gave them to recycle for a few bottles of beer. And when I got to that center , all of the papers and films of Sift , had just been chopped . Sadly,  I was more than a day behind these fools.

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